Four Swords Adventures Locations

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This is a list of locations found in Four Swords Adventures.


Level 1: Whereabouts of the Wind

Whereabouts of the Wind.png
Main article: Whereabouts of the Wind

The first level in Four Swords Adventures, located in south-eastern Hyrule.

Level 2: Eastern Hyrule

Main article: Eastern Hyrule#Four Swords Adventures

Level 3: Death Mountain

Death Mountain (Four Swords Adventures).png
Main article: Death Mountain#Four Swords Adventures

Level 4: Near the Fields

Main article: Near the Fields

Level 5: The Dark World

Main article: The Dark World

Level 6: The Desert of Doubt

Main article: The Desert of Doubt

Level 7: Frozen Hyrule

Frozen Hyrule - 4SA map.png
Main article: Frozen Hyrule

Level 8: Realm of the Heavens

Main article: Realm of the Heavens (Level)

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