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Zuna are a race of characters who live in the Desert of Doubt in Four Swords Adventures. They reside in a small village oasis that is safe from the outside sandstorms. Their homes are bright and floral and they appear to have green skin, creating an almost cactus-like appearance.

According to their members, the Zuna's ancestors built the Pyramid.[1] Their young are all told about the pyramid's legends, although the exact details of whether it contains an evil force or not are uncertain.[2]



  1. "Oh, visitors to this village are truly rare, you know? We of the Zuna tribe live in this village. We may not look it now, but we are descended from the wise pyramid builders!" — Zuna, Four Swords Adventures.
  2. "Do you want to know the secret of the pyramid? When we're young, we're told all the legends of the pyramid! There are many frightening tales about the pyramid. They say there's an evil force... No, wait... They say there's no evil force. Wait...which one was it? Evil force or no evil force?" — Zuna, Four Swords Adventures.