Zuna Village

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Zuna Village

The Zuna Village is a location in Four Swords Adventures. It is home to the Zuna tribe and situated within the middle of the Desert of Doubt. The village appears to be covered in small amounts of water and has palm trees, providing a pleasant oasis away from the harsh desert winds. According to the Zuna at the entrance, visitors are extremely rare.[1]

Points of Interest

Force Fairy Tree

The tree at the very center of the village will provide a Force Fairy if Link dashes into it using the Pegasus Boots.

Sand Rub

The westernmost tent of the Zuna village contains a woman who offers a sand rub for 100 Force Gems.[2] If Link agrees, she will give him a massage that will restore some of his hearts.[3] The amount of hearts is random.


Within the same tent as the sand rub, if the Links pick up a block they can find the entrance to a mini-game. The Zuna inside will allow Link to pick one of three chests if he agrees to pay 100 Force Gems.[4][5] Link can receive 1, 100, 150, or 300 Force Gems from the chests. However, he can only play the game three times before the owner says it is time to close.[6]



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