Hyrulean Civil War

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Hyrulean Civil War


Described in Ocarina of Time



Sometime before Ocarina of Time

Key Characters


The Hyrulean Civil War refers to a war within Hyrule that is described by the Deku Tree Sprout in Ocarina of Time.[1] This specific war takes place several years before the beginning events of Ocarina of Time. It describes a great war that took place in Hyrule, in which a mother fled to the forest with baby in hand. This is one of several wars that take place in the mythos of The Legend of Zelda series.

Hyrule Engulfed in War

Before the Kingdom of Hyrule became unified, there was a great war which continued for many eras. Among the fires of the war, there was a mother fleeing from the chaos with a baby in hand. Gravely injured, she flees into the forbidden forest, known as the Kokiri Forest.[2] She encounters the guardian deity of the forest, the Great Deku Tree and entrusts him with her baby.[3] The Deku Tree senses the destiny of the infant and that he would be somehow play a pivotal role in the future events of Hyrule, thus he decides to raise him within the safe confines of the forest.[4] Shortly after stumbling into the forest, the mother passes away.[5] Her son, would go on to become the Hero of Time, Link.[6]

The King of Hyrule managed to put an end to the intense war and thus the land became unified under one Kingdom.[7]


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