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Sky Era
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Between the Ancient Battle and the end of Skyward Sword

Key Characters


The Sky Era spans the time when humans live in the sky after being sent there by Hylia to protect them from Demise. This era spans thousands of years,[1][2] through the events of Skyward Sword, concluding with the humans' return to the Surface shortly after the game's ending.[3]


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The land that Hylia sent skyward becomes known as Skyloft. It enjoys a peaceful time in the Sky Era, with the humans remaining safe and the Ancient Battle fading into legend. Skyloft culture comes to revolve around the Loftwing, divine birds said to be gifts of protection from Hylia.[4] Free from the ancient threat on the Surface, and with the help of the Loftwings, the humans build up their military strength.[5] 25 years before the events of Skyward Sword, Gaepora builds the Knight Academy.[6][7] The academy trains young Skyloftians in kendo and Loftwing riding,[8] and the most skilled students graduate to become Rescue Knights, tasked with patrolling Skyloft and saving people who fall off the floating islands.[9][10]

Although many of the details of the Era of the Goddess Hylia — including the existence of the Surface and Hylia's two plans — are forgotten by all except the few keepers of the legends,[11] the inhabitants still revere Hylia as their divine protector. The Statue of the Goddess towering over Skyloft from the Isle of the Goddess serves as the site of the annual[12] Ceremony of the Goddess.

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The seeds of one of Hylia's plans are hidden within the Isle of the Goddess. The Goddess Sword and its spirit Fi reside Inside the Statue of the Goddess. The Triforce is also hidden deep inside, within Sky Keep.


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Skyward Sword

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