Era of the Goddess Hylia

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Era of the Goddess Hylia




After Creation

Key Characters


The Era of the Goddess Hylia spans from Creation until the Ancient Battle when Hylia falls from power. During this time, the Temple of Hylia and the Temple of Time are constructed, each housing a Gate of Time. Known races of this era include Humans, Gorons, Kikwi, Parella, Ancient Robots, and Mogma. After the Ancient Battle, Hylia establishes the Sheikah tribe as servants who watch over the seal.[1]

A mural in Fire Sanctuary depicting Hylia (center), the Temple of Time (left), and the Temple of Hylia (right)

The Triforce

For some time after the Creation, the people worship the Triforce and its guardian Hylia. However, the Demon King Demise seeks the Triforce for his own, aiming to take control of the world.[2][3]

The Ancient Battle

Demise leads the Demon Tribe from the depths of the earth in an assault on the peoples of the surface, aiming to take the Triforce from Hylia.[4] Fearing for the safety of her people and the security of the Triforce, Hylia gathers them on a small plot of land and sends it to the sky, beyond a Cloud Barrier, to protect them from the invading demons.[2][5]

Then she joins forces with the remaining surface dwellers to combat the demons. After a long and fierce battle during which Hylia sustains grave injuries, the evil forces are sealed away.[6][7][8] The location of the seal, henceforth known as the Sealed Grounds, is also the site of the Temple of Hylia, which then becomes known as the Sealed Temple.

Hylia's Two Plans

Spoiler Alert! This section describes a subject that is sensitive to plot development.

The seal wouldn't last forever, and Hylia isn't prepared for another battle should Demise escape. She devises two plans to prepare for a time when she could destroy Demise for good.[6][9]

  1. Choose a hero, and create Fi to assist him.
  2. Renounce her divinity in order to use the Triforce.[10]

The first plan is seen through the events of Skyward Sword. Fi, the spirit of the Goddess Sword, appears to Link, who eventually forges the Goddess Sword into the Master Sword in order to fulfill his mission. Her second plan, to use the Triforce, requires that she relinquish her divine powers and become mortal, since gods cannot use the Triforce.[11][12] As things unfold during the Sky Era, the hero resulting from her first plan is the one to use the Triforce.


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