Era of Light and Dark

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The Era of Light and Dark refers to the events that start with Link's journey to defeat Ganon in A Link to the Past, then his adventure into the dream world of Koholint Island, which takes place in Link's Awakening. It also covers the mysterious journeys of another Link to the lands of Holodrum in Oracle of Seasons and Labrynna in Oracle of Ages. The name mainly refers to the events within A Link to the Past, as Link journeys through the Dark World and the Light World.

Note: The original version of the timeline, published in Hyrule Historia, says all four games involve a single Link, and that the Oracle Series takes place between A Link to the Past and Link's Awakening. This was revised with The Legend of Zelda: Encyclopedia to say the Oracle Series occurs later, with a separate Link.

The Dark World

After the tragic events of the Imprisoning War, the Kingdom of Hyrule knew peace once again.[1] However, a powerful wizard named Agahnim appears and he intends to gain entry to the previously sealed Sacred Realm, now known as the Dark World.[2] Agahnim takes control of Hyrule Castle and steals the power from the King.[3] The dark wizard also manipulates the minds of the Soldiers and orders them to kidnap the Seven Maidens.[4] The Maidens were used as a sacrifice of sorts and were sent to the Dark World.[5] Realizing what Agahnim was up to, Princess Zelda, who was locked up in Hyrule Castle, sent out a message to Link and his uncle.[6] After finding his uncle dead, Link took it upon himself to save the Princess himself.[7]

After leaving Zelda within the safe confines of the Sanctuary,[8] Link sets off to visit Sahasrahla, a Sage.[9] He soon tasked with obtaining the legendary blade known as the Master Sword. However, Link didn't have the adequate power in order to wield the famed sword. The power he needed was in the form of Pendants of Virtue.[10] After obtaining all three pendants, Link heads to the Lost Woods, where he draws the Master Sword from the pedestal.[11] He soon encountes Agahnim in Hyrule Castle, the powerful wizard however, manages to open up the Dark World.[12] Due to the appearance of the Dark World, Link is transformed into a bunny of sorts, as it reflected his true heart.[13] After saving the Maidens, who were trapped in the palaces across the Dark World, Link saves Princess Zelda and gains access to Ganon's Tower.[14] Inside he defeats Agahnim,[15] who turns out to be Ganon's alter ego.[16] The young hero is then transported to the Pyramid of Power,[17] where he battles the Demon King Ganon himself. Following his defeat, Link uses the power of the Triforce to perish the evil within the Dark World, restoring the world to its peaceful state.[18]

A Mysterious Dream

Marin finding Link on the shore of Koholint Island
Main article: Link's Awakening

Following the defeat of the Demon King, Link says his goodbyes to Hyrule. The young hero now sets off on a new journey by boat,[19] in an attempt to return to Hyrule Kingdom.[20] After exploring the vast seas, Link gets caught up in an intense storm.[21] Link soon finds himself shipwrecked on the mysterious Island of Koholint.[22] A local of the island's town, Mabe Village, takes the washed up hero to her home. She reveals her name to be Marin.[23]

Link soon recovers his sword and proceeds to leave the island. However the villagers convince the hero that there is nothing beyond the sea,[24] inciting him to stay. Link meets with a mysterious Owl, who tells him that in order to depart the island he must awake the Wind Fish.[25] The Wind Fish is currently lying dormant on top of the island in his Egg. In order to wake the fish, he tells Link that he must obtain the Eight Instruments of the Sirens.

The young hero obtains all of the instruments[26] and heads to Tal Tal Mountain Range towards Mt. Tamaranch and the Wind Fish's Egg. The hero plays the Ballad of the Wind Fish, which was previously taught to him by Marin. This magical song causes the Egg to break and it opens up to a maze-like structure.Link then battles his way through the maze and encountes a mysterious figure in the form of Shadow Nightmares. This dark figure was the reason why the Wind Fish entered a deep slumber, as it was his intention to control the island. Link defeats the many forms of the Nightmare, which subsequently awakens the Wind Fish. Now fully awakened, it is revealed that Koholint Island was a creation within his dreams.[27] Koholint Island now disappears and Link finds himself awake in the middle of the ocean. Link once again sets sail to an unknown destination.[28]

Twinrova's Plan

After the defeat of the Demon King Ganon, Twinrova, Ganon's surrogate mothers, plan a scheme to revive the Evil King.[29] In order to revive him the twin sorceresses needed three flames: the Flames of Sorrow, Destruction and Despair.[30] To obtain the flames, Twinrova sent Onox to the land of Holodrum and Veran to Labrynna.[31] A young hero named Link is guided to the location of the Triforce in Hyrule Castle. However, upon arrival he is transported to the foreign land of Holodrum.[32]

The Adventure in Holodrum

Oracle of Seasons
Main article: Oracle of Seasons

Soon after Link is transported, he finds himself in the mysterious land of Holodrum. The young hero meets the Oracle of Seasons Din.[33] Moments after their brief encounter, darkness clouds the land and the general of darkness Onox appears and kidnaps Din.[34] In a consequence to this, the land of Holodrum turns into a land of the four seasons.[35] Link soon obtains the Rod of Seasons, with the power of the rod, Link is able to manipulate the seasons and search for the Essences of Nature.[36] Link retrieves the eight essences from their respective dungeons. After blessing the Maku Tree with the final Essence, the magical tree manages to produce a Huge Maku Seed.[37] With the seed, Link infiltrates Onox's Castle and confronts the general.[38] After defeating him, Link saves Din and the seasons return to normal.[39]

Adventure in Labrynna

Oracle of Ages
Main article: Oracle of Ages

After the events in Holodrum, Link was once again transported. This time to the land of Labrynna.[40] Link soon saves Impa,[41] and proceeds to meet Nayru.[42] However, the evil sorcerer Veran possesses Impa and proceeds to take control of the Nayru.[43] Veran uses Nayru's powers to travel back in time so that she could alter the events in the present.[44] Link obtains the Harp of Ages, which allows him to travel through time.[45] Link utilzes this powerful Harp to obtain the eight Essences of Time.[46] Link now has the adequate power to access the Black Tower. Within the grounds of the tower, he encounters Veran. Link defeats the evil sorceress and in the process, saves Nayru.[47]

Demon King's Revival

Upon the defeat of both Onox and Veran, the Flame of Destruction and the Flame of Sorrow were lit.[48] Now only one flame remained, in which the completion of, would revive Ganon. Twinrova kidnaps Princess Zelda and prepares her for a sacrifice of sorts to complete the revival of the Demon King.[49] The young hero, Link, soon appears in an attempt to stop the twin sorceresses.[50] Equipped with the power of Nayru, the Oracle of Ages, and Din, the Oracle of Seasons, he defeats both Koume and Kotake. After their defeat, the surrogate mothers of Ganon sacrificed themselves.[51] However, since the ritual wasn't fully complete, Ganon appeared, but was without intellect.[52] The hero defeats the mindless Demon King and saves Zelda while returning peace to both lands of Holodrum and Labrynna.[53]


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