Flame of Destruction

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Flame of Destruction

The Flame of Destruction is one of three flames, along with the Flame of Sorrow and the Flame of Despair, that Twinrova intends to light so they can revive the Gerudo King, Ganon.[1] It is seen at the end of Oracle of Seasons, and at the beginning of a Linked Game of Oracle of Ages. In order to light it, Twinrova summoned Onox from the Dark Realm[2] to cause havoc of the seasons of Holodrum. By capturing Din, the Oracle of Seasons, he was successful, and even though Link slayed him, his job was complete; the Flame of Destruction was lit.[3]

Before this battle ever happens, Twinrova warns Link of what will happen if he saves Din. They tell him, "Know this, foolish boy! If you save Din, the world will be filled with destruction, sorrow and despair. Our great sacrifice will be offered, and the Evil King revived!!!" Yet, Link still saves her, allowing for Twinrova's plan to materialize.


  1. "Eee hee hee!!! Veran, Sorceress of Shadows! Twinrova will not let your deeds be wasted! Look, Veran! The troubles you caused now burn as the Flame of Sorrow! When the Flames of Destruction and Despair are lit, we will offer up our sacrifice, and the dark rites of the Gerudo will be complete! Then the Evil King shall return!" — Twinrova, Oracle of Seasons.
  2. "Gwah hah hah! I was summoned from the Dark Realm by Twinrova. See my true form! Feel the might of a dark dragon!" — Onox, Oracle of Seasons.
  3. "Gurrrgh... No... It's too late. My orders were to capture Din and deliver the destructive power of a seasonless land to Twinrova. Now, as the Flame of Destruction, that power is set to devour this land! Gah, hah, hah..." — Onox, Oracle of Seasons.