Ja Baij Shrine

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Ja Baij Shrine, also known as the Bomb Trial, is one of the many Shrine of Trials from Breath of the Wild.


Early on in Link's quest, he will raise the Great Plateau Tower and shortly after that, the Old Man will seek Link out. The Old Man tells Link that in order to leave the Great Plateau, Link must first acquire the Paraglider. Link will need to collect a Spirit Orb from each of the four Shrines in the Great Plateau, and can complete the first four shrines in any desired order.


The Ja Baij Shrine is located at the Eastern Abbey directly east from the Breath of the Wild. The area is guarded by several stationary Guardians with the entrance in front of the shrine blocked off by some boulders. Link can enter the shrine and avoid the Guardians by climbing up the nearby walls. Alternatively, Link can stand in front of the boulders, allowing the Guardian to target him. At the last moment, Link can move out of the way and the guardian will shoot the boulders with his laser.

Bomb Trial

At the nearby pedestal, acquire the Remote Bomb Rune. This actually consists of two runes, a spherical bomb and a cubical bomb.

Use the bombs to blow up the blocks in front of you. You can then turn to the right to find some more blocks that have a treasure chest behind it. Blow them up and you'll find a Traveler's Claymore in the treasure chest. On the left side there is another set of blocks, so blow those up as well.

In the next room jump on the moving platform and drop a cubic bomb. Then jump away and detonate the bomb when it is near the blocks, opening the pathway forward. (There's other ways to do this as well.)

In this wide open area, you can use the launcher on the far left to launch to the treasure chest that contains an Amber. The Ancient Orb being thrown by the middle launchers only serves illustrative purposes, and has no function in the shrine otherwise. On the right side there is another launcher, with a small hole where you can drop a spherical bomb. Do so and the bomb will be launched across. Detonate it to blow up the blocks.

Climb the ladder and head to the altar to find Ja Baij. He will reward Link with a Spirit Orb.


  • If the altar is reached without obtaining the Remote Bomb Rune (as the stone blocks in the shrine are breakable with an Iron Sledgehammer), Ja Baij will prompt Link to go back to the first chamber to obtain said rune.[1]
  • The stone blocks in the altar chamber can be destroyed from the ground level without using the launcher, as the bomb's blast can reach them if thrown.
  • The shrine teaches the player that forward-shooting launchers are safe to stand on without incurring damage on Link.




  1. Extract the Rune from the Guidance Stone, and then return. - Monk Ja Baij