Infiltrating the Yiga Clan

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Infiltrating the Yiga Clan
Infiltrating the Yiga Clan - TotK.jpg




Listen to Mimos failing to enter the Yiga Clan Hideout


Obtain full Yiga Set (Yiga Mask, Yiga Armor and Yiga Tights) and use it to enter the main Yiga Clan Hideout


Access to Yiga Clan Hideout, with merchants and Yiga Clan Training




Infiltrating the Yiga Clan is a Side Adventure in Tears of the Kingdom.


When Link goes up to the front door of the Yiga Clan hideout, he finds Mimos attempting to brag his way in to learn the Earthwake Technique so that he'll "have everyone swooning over [him]". However, he is given short shrift by the guard, who tells him that to join is to abandon the initiate's previous identity, and that to enter they must "Find our three branches, and collect the clan attire. Earn your place among us and the door will open to you." When Mimos sees Link, he tries to scare him off, but gives a hint toward the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab in the process.

The "three branches" are the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab, where Konba is being forced to make Yiga Armor (4512, 3167, 0248); the Woodcutter's House on the Great Plateau (-0782, -2259, 0089), where Pitar is coerced into making Yiga Masks; and the Yiga Clan Maritta Branch (-0644, 2040, 0155), a cave beneath the Aldor Foothills, where Aliza has been conscripted to make Yiga Tights. In each case, when Link appears at the door or enters the cave, a Yiga Footsoldier and Yiga Blademaster will attempt to kill him. Once defeated, they will flee and Link has the opportunity to free the captive, who will give him the piece of the Yiga Set they were working on before fleeing. Each branch also has a map on the wall showing the locations of the other branches, as well as the main Yiga Clan Hideout. (The Akkala Ancient Tech Lab also contains the Travel Medallion Prototype, which is required for the separate quest Presenting: The Travel Medallion!)

Once Link has collected the full Yiga Set, he can put it on and be given access to the Yiga Clan Hideout, ending the quest.


None, bar the general requirement to have enough health and weapons to defeat the Yiga in the branches.


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Adventure Log

Step Description
It sounds like only Yiga Clan members can enter the Yiga Clan hideout. To join the clan, you need to visit the three branches and collect the clan attire. Mimos, who aims to join the clan so he can learn some "cool moves," has his eyes on the tech lab in Akkala to the northeast...
You visited the three branches and collected all of the pieces of Yiga Clan attire. As long as you're wearing it, you should be able to enter the Yiga Clan hideout.
You visited the three branches and collected all of the pieces of Yiga Clan attire. Now you can come and go from the Yiga Clan hideout as you please.


  • The Yiga in the Yiga Clan Hideout will not notice any change if Link dyes the Yiga Set.