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Racer / Fashionista



Breath of the Wild
Footrace Check-In
Tears of the Kingdom
Akkala Ancient Tech Lab (initially)
Travels the road between Lucky Clover Gazette and Dronoc's Pass (after being rescued)



50 rupees (Breath of the Wild)
Yiga Armor (Tears of the Kingdom)

Konba is a character found in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

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Konba can be found at the Footrace Check-In, and will challenge Link to a race from there to the top of Mount Rhoam for 20 rupees. If Link wins, Konba pays him a purple rupee to settle the bet.

Tears of the Kingdom

Konba can be found at the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab. He has been taken prisoner by the Yiga Clan and is forced to make their clothing for them. As part of the Presenting: The Travel Medallion! quest, Link will travel to the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab. When he arrives, he'll battle a Yiga Footsoldier and Yiga Blademaster. After defeating them, Link will meet up with Konba inside. He initially mistakes Link as being a member of the Yiga Clan. After finding out he isn't, he will reward Link with the Yiga Armor. He mentions that if Link gets the full Yiga Set, he will blend right in as a member of the Yiga.