The Rito Rope Bridge

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The Rito Rope Bridge
The Rito Rope Bridge - TotK.jpg




Speak with Gesane at the broken bridge to Rito Village


Talk to Karson
Give Karson 20 pieces of Wood




The Rito Rope Bridge is a Side Quest in Tears of the Kingdom.


After the blizzard coming from the Wind Temple abates, Gesane and Juannelle gather at the broken bridge to Rito Village about wanting to repair the bridge, but not being equipped to do so[1]. Juannelle mentions there's a skilled carpenter at Lookout Landing[2], but they can't dispatch an emissary due to everyone being busy[3]. If Link goes to Lookout Landing and speaks to Karson about the bridge, he'll agree to go and fix it[4], but not before Lester's Mini Stable is complete[5]. With that done, he agrees to head to Rito Village.

After this, if Link heads back to the broken bridge and talks to Karson, he'll find the job can't be completed yet due to his inaccurate estimate[6]. The job needs 20 more pieces of wood[7][8]. When Link gives him the bundles of wood, he'll fix the bridge together with Gesane quickly[9], and Gesane pays Link a Silver Rupee for his help.


Complete the Tulin of Rito Village Main Quest and The Incomplete Stable Side Quest


  • With the Wind Temple completed, talk to Gesane and Juannelle at (-3293, 1803, 0121) near the broken bridge
  • Go to Lookout Landing. Talk to Karson and - if necessary - finish the mini stable to free him up.
  • Stock up on at least 20 bundles of wood, if there aren't enough already in Link's inventory. This can be obtained by chopping up the logs obtained from cutting down any tree or surface Evermean.
  • Return to the broken bridge. Give Karson the wood.
  • With the bridge fixed, collect the 100 rupee reward.

Adventure Log

Step Description
Gesane and Juannelle are in a bind as they want to repair the rope bridge destroyed in the blizzard but can't find anyone skilled in construction. However, they say there is a skilled carpenter at Lookout Landing.

Apparently, this person's name ends in "son."
The skilled carpenter at Lookout Landing was Karson. You explained the situation to him, and he enthusiastically agreed to help and hurried off to the job site.
Karson arrived at the work site, but there isn't enough wood for the project.

Repairing the broken bridge will require a total of 20 pieces of wood. Gather some wood.
You handed the wood over to Karson, and he repaired the broken bridge. Juannelle and Gesane were relieved and returned to their posts.


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