For Our Princess!

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For Our Princess!
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Speak to Penn at Foothill Stable


Defeat the Monster Forces inside the Foothill Monster Den; bringing in no weapons, bows or shields, and dressed only in underpants


Varies depending on how many Potential Princess Sightings! quests have been previously completed, see that article




For Our Princess! is a Side Adventure in Tears of the Kingdom.


Penn hears that members of the Zonai Survey Team have been going around Foothill Stable dressed only in underpants. After arriving, he warned them of the monsters in the area, but they didn't listen, claiming they were "following Princess Zelda's orders".

When he speaks to Bougan and Jasz, who are training and sitting around in underpants respectively, he's told that Zelda's order was

"We will only find our future if we chart a new course, leaving the safety of indoor study for exploration in the wild.
"So, prepare your mind and body, and then explore in underpants!"

At Foothill Monster Den, Drant and Sango are standing at the entrance, terrified, in their underpants.

Somehow, they talk Link into showing them how it's done, and he enters the den with nothing but his Energy Cell, Right Arm abilities and underpants. He proceeds to defeat the monsters using only what he finds inside, while wearing nothing but underpants.

After they return to Foothill Stable, the men start congratulating Link. However, Lecia has arrived to the Zonai Survey team there, and she clarifies that they misheard Princess Zelda, who said "explore all other paths", not "explore in underpants". Embarrassed, Bougan tells them to use the time spent working just as hard as when they only wore underpants.

With the questions resolved, Link speaks to Penn, and Penn pays him for the story as normal.


Link must have spoken to Traysi and taken a freelance job for the Lucky Clover Gazette in the Potential Princess Sightings! Side Adventure.


  • Speak with Penn at the Foothill Stable to acquire the quest.
  • Speak with Drant and Sango entrance of the cave to enter and Link will remove his clothing and all his weapons.
  • Run ahead and collect the Thick Stick.
  • There are three Red Bokoblin and a Blue Moblin. One of the Red Bokoblins is covered with armor and Link should fuse a weapon with a rock in order to crack the armor.
  • Speak with Drant and Sango as you exit the cave.
  • Return to Foothill Stable and speak with Lecia to hear about the misunderstanding. Penn will give Link his rupee award.

Adventure Log

Step Description
A group of fellows in their underpants have settled in at Foothill Stable. Penn says they're on the Zonai Survey Team, and they're wearing only underpants by order of Princess Zelda, which sounds odd all around to him. He's also concerned that some of them left to investigate a monster den on the nearby mountain road—and have not yet returned.
You found members of the Zonai Survey Team at the entrance to the Foothill Monster Den wearing only their underpants. They said they couldn't defeat the monsters inside, dressed like that. You agreed to show them how it's done, so you will need to defeat the monsters in the cave wearing only your underpants.
You lived up to the promise you made to the Zonai Survey Team members outside the Foothill Monster Den and defeated all of the monsters while wearing only your underpants. Report back to them at the cave's entrance.
You defeated the cave monsters wearing only your underpants and reported back to the Zonai Survey Team members at the entrance. They've asked you to return to Foothill Stable, where they plan on telling everyone there about your great accomplishment.
When you returned to Foothill Stable and talked to the Zonai Survey Team, you learned that Princess Zelda's orders weren't to "explore in underpants," but instead "explore all other paths." Penn said he'd write up the whole story, and then he left.