Foothill Monster Den

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Foothill Monster Den






'Foothill Monster Den' is a location in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

The Foothill Monster Den can be found just north of the Maw of Death Mountain, at the end of the path. Drant and Sango can be found just outside the Den, wearing no clothes and preventing Link from entering. After speaking with Penn at the Foothill Stable, this will begin the For Our Princess!, where Link can then enter the Foothill Monster Den. However, after receiving some off advice from Zelda, Link must enter with no clothes or equipment at all.

When entering the cave, there are some boulders up on the wall to the left. Link can break these boulders to find the Bubbulfrog behind.

For Our Princess!

Main article: For Our Princess!

After speaking with Penn, Link can then talk to Drant and Sango at the entrance of the Den. The two will hold Link's clothes as he heads inside. There are three Bokoblin and a Blue Moblin inside, which makeup the Occupiers of the Foothill Monster Den. When Link first enters, he'll find a Thick Stick that he can use as a weapon. If Link sneaks around to the right side, he can find a Soldier's Broadsword, Royal Broadsword, and a Soldier's Spear, as well as a Spiked Boko Shield, which he can pickup before the monsters get to them.


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