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Lecia is a character found in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

Lecia is a member of the Zonai Survey Team. She arrived late to Foothill Stable, where members of the survey team were already wearing just their underpants. As part of the For Our Princess! quest, Link will travel to the Foothill Monster Den to fight off the Monsters, wearing only his underpants. When Link returns to Foothill Stable, Sango gives the news that it was Link that cleared the monsters from the cave.[1] Lecia is initially confused, as she doesn't understand why everyone is wearing just their underpants.[2]

After Bougan explains that this was the orders from Princess Zelda, Lecia corrects the group, saying that she actually said to explore "all other paths" instead of explore "in underpants".[3][4]


  1. "Oh, great! You came! Everyone! This is the one who did our survey team a great service, defeating the monsters in just his underpants. Incredible! Please, tell us how this is actually done!" — Sango, Tears of the Kingdom
  2. "Um...Excuse me. What's all this with wearing only underpants?" — Lecia, Tears of the Kingdom
  3. "Oh, sorry! I guess you haven't heard Princess Zelda's order for all of us on the survey team yet. She said we had to leave the comfort of studying indoors. She ended with these words... "So, prepare your mind and body, and then explore in underpants!"" — Bougan, Tears of the Kingdom
  4. "No, I got the order too. That's why I'm all the way out here doing research. But what Princess Zelda REALLY said was this... "So, prepare your mind and body, and then explore all other paths!" Not...what you guys thought." — Lecia, Tears of the Kingdom