Sidon of the Zora

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Sidon of the Zora






Given to Link after completing the The Sludge-Covered Statue quest


Awaken Sidon as the new Sage of Water





Sidon of the Zora is a Main Quest from Tears of the Kingdom.


  • As part of the Regional Phenomena quest, Link will travel to Zora's Domain. When he arrives, he meets Yona and will complete The Sludge-Covered Statue quest by tossing some Splash Fruit on the statue at the center of Zora's Domain. This will then unlock the Sidon of the Zora quest.
  • Sidon is up at Mipha Court, located higher up, east of Zora's Domain. If Link already has an Ancient Arowana, he can make the trip easier by completing the nearby Restoring the Zora Armor quest.
  • Once Link arrives, he'll find that Sidon is stuck at the location and cannot leave. He's using his power of water manipulation to separate the Sludge, preventing it from flowing into the water around Zora's Domain.
  • Sidon suggests visiting the Zora historian, Jiahto. He can be found at Toto Lake, the sludge-filled lake to the northwest.
  • After Sidon finds Jiahto and speaks with him, this begins The Broken Slate a new main quest. Right around the corner there is a broken slate piece on the ground. After clearing the Sludge from it, Link will need to use Ultrahand to grab it and put it in its place.
  • After completing The Broken Slate quest, Link will then unlock the Clues to the Sky quest where he will need to find King Dorephan. When Link looks for the King at his throne in Zora's Domain, he'll find he's not there. Link can sneak up on the kids that are there to learn King Zora's at the Pristine Sanctum, located behind the waterfall at Mikau Lake. Link can simply walk right through the waterfall to find the King and Muzu.
  • After speaking with King Dorephan at the Pristine Sanctum, he will give Link five King's Scales. The King then asks Link to return to Sidon and give him the news.
  • When talking to Sidon, he mentions that the mystery is up at the land of the Sky Fish and a watery bridge. Travel to the east and Link will find water falling from an island in the sky and seemingly dissipating. Glide over with the Paraglider and use the Zora Armor to swim up the water bridge to reach the Floating Scales Island.
  • Stand at the southwest corner of the island and look to the southwest. Aim an Arrow and attach a King's Scale. Shoot it through the tear and the arrow will pass through, creating a green portal at the East Reservoir Lake.
  • Return to Sidon to share the news with him. After a talk with Sidon and Yona, the group will be ambushed by an enemy Sludge Like.
  • When Sidon's Power of Water is charged up, talk to him to create a bubble of water around Link. Attach the Sludge Like to send a ball of water at him, temporarily removing the sludge that surrounds him. At this point, the Sludge Like will turn into a more traditional Like Like. Wait for it to open its mouth and then attack the purple ball. This will send the Sludge Like to the ground at which point Link and Sidon can deal damage. Repeat this whole process until the Sludge Like has been defeated.
  • When Link arrives at the East Reservoir Lake, he'll find Sidon around. Sidon will jump into the water and create a whirlpool around the light. This will create an entrance to an area beneath the water, leading to the Ancient Zora Waterworks.
  • Inside the Ancient Zora Waterworks, Link will need to blast away the rocks that are found in all the turquoise circles. This will cause water to flow to the large central chamber. When all the water is flowing, Link can reach the central chamber and tap his hand on the mysterious device. This will cause a waterfall to appear back outside. Link can ride the waterfall up to get to the Wellspring Island.

Adventure Log

Step Description
After the Upheaval, sludge started pouring from the sky around Zora's Domain. That foul gunk has caused much suffering.

Yona, the Zora prince's fiancée, filled you in on the troubles at the domain. She asked you to meet with Sidon at Mipha Court on the summit of Ploymus Mountain.
You met with Sidon at Mipha Court. He has a hunch that the cause of the sludge is in the sky. In his search for answers, he ordered the Zora historian Jiahto to investigate ancient documents and the fallen ruins.

Speaking with Jiahto at Toto Lake may yield information about Princess Zelda.
Speaking with Jiahto and the Zora children led you to King Dorephan, who was injured when a Princess Zelda look-alike loosed a monster upon him. The phenomena troubling the Zora— the sludge, the monster, the princess—all seem connected to the sky.

Sidon will be eager to hear this news.
You relayed King Dorephan's story to Sidon. Both Princess Zelda's trail and the destructive sludge connect to the sky above the domain.

Your objectives align with Sidon's. If you find a clue about the watery bridge connecting the Zora to the sky, you should let him know.
A pillar of light appeared at East Reservoir Lake. The clues you gathered from the repaired stone slate suggest this will lead you to the watery bridge.

Sidon will want to hear about this. You can find him at Mipha Court.
When you told Sidon about the pillar of light at East Reservoir Lake, a sludge monster attacked.

Work with Sidon to repel the fiend.
You defeated the monster with Sidon's aid. Yona pushed the prince to confront his fear of loss, and he rose to the occasion. He is ready to investigate the watery bridge with you.

Sidon will wait for you near the pillar of light that appeared in East Reservoir Lake.
Sidon used his impressive swimming prowess to create a whirlpool in the lake, revealing some kind of entrance on the lake bed.

This may lead to clues about the watery bridge. Jump into the whirlpool and investigate.
Upon jumping into the whirlpool, you found a vast space filled with ancient ruins.

You may find a clue about the watery bridge among them.
When you activated a mysterious device in the Ancient Zora Waterworks, water cascaded from the ruins high above to make a giant waterfall.

Even a Hylian can climb waterfalls by wearing the Zora armor, which Yona tasked herself with repairing...
Resolving to explore the sky island, you arrived at some vast ruins that may hide the answers you seek.

Follow Sidon, who went on ahead.
After climbing the waterfall and entering the ruins, you found the source of the sludge plaguing the Zora.

Sidon suggested that it may be possible to wash away the foul substance using the water in the enormous water vessels.
You poured water from the vessels on the sludge, but it was inadequate to cleanse the area. It seems even more water is needed. A mysterious voice indicated locations that may be of assistance.

Work with Sidon to open all of the faucets.
When you washed away the sludge with the water vessels, a monster suddenly emerged from the muck. This must be the culprit behind the sludge!

It's time to work with Sidon to finish this.
You combined forces with Sidon to defeat the monster producing the sludge. What remained of the substance dispersed, taking the threat to the Zora along with it.

Sidon was left gazing at the strange stone that appeared when the sludge vanished.
With the defeat of the fiend responsible for the sludge, the trouble afflicting the region was resolved. At the same time, Sidon awakened as a sage.

He promised to rally the domain to assist you, declaring that it's now the Zora's turn to help their hero.