Find the Fifth Sage

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Find the Fifth Sage




Defeat the 10 Phantom Ganons at Hyrule Castle


Speak with Purah at Lookout Landing




Find the Fifth Sage is a Main Quest found in Tears of the Kingdom.


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As part of the Crisis at Hyrule Castle quest, Link will journey to Hyrule Castle in search of Zelda. After finding out she was an imposter and was, in reality, engaging in battle with Phantom Ganon, Link will return to Lookout Landing. After speaking with Purah, this will unlock the quest.


To begin the quest, Link must defeat the Phantom Ganons in Hyrule Castle.

Note: Neither Find the Fifth Sage nor Secret of the Ring Ruins are required to do the Guidance from Ages Past quest and obtain the Vow of Mineru, Sage of Spirit. If this is done before defeating the Phantom Ganons in Hyrule Castle, Link will explain this to Purah and the other four Sages in the scene at Lookout Landing, and the quest will complete immediately.


  • The quest unlocks after defeating Phantom Ganon in Hyrule Castle and then speaking with Purah at the Lookout Landing.
  • Link can travel to Kakariko Village to speak with Paya and Tauro. This will begin the Secret of the Ring Ruins.
  • After traveling to the Dragonhead Island and finding the Zonai Relic, this will complete the Secret of the Ring Ruins quest, while unlocking the Guidance from Ages Past quest.
  • After completing the Guidance from Ages Past quest, Link is advised to speak with Purah at the Lookout Landing. Speaking to her will conclude the Find the Fifth Sage quest.

Adventure Log

Step Description
During the ancient Imprisoning War, it was Princess Zelda and the five other sages who fought with King Rauru against the Demon King.

Purah told you that in order to find the fifth sage, you should investigate ruins from the age of legends. The sages have their own regions covered, leaving you to search elsewhere.
According to Tauro, an account relating to the sages is in the Ring Ruins.

If you continue your investigation into the ruins, you may learn something about the fifth sage.
You discovered a Zonai relic at Dragonhead Island above Faron. The moment you touched it, you heard a mysterious voice echoing in your mind.

If you follow the voice's guidance, you should be able to come closer to finding the fifth sage.
After meeting the owner of the mysterious voice—the Sage of Spirit, Mineru—you learned about the Imprisoning War against the Demon King in the distant past and Princess Zelda's determination to restore the Master Sword.

You now have all the clues you need. Report to Purah at Lookout Landing.
You told Purah of your meeting with Sage Mineru.

The five sages are finally ready. They will be steadfast allies in the fight with the Demon King.