Whirly Swirly Things

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Whirly Swirly Things
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Defeat Phantom Ganon at the bottom of the Deku Tree Chasm
Complete Camera Work in the Depths


Speak to Kula in Korok Forest





Whirly Swirly Things is a Side Quest in Tears of the Kingdom.


With Korok Forest back to normal, if spoken to Kula will ask Link for a picture of a "whirly water circle" - i.e., a whirlpool. If Link brings him a picture, he will then ask for a "big swirly sand circle" - i.e., a sinkhole - picture too. After bringing this, he will thank him and give him five Endura Carrots as a reward.


Free Korok Forest from gloom by defeating the Gloom Spawn and Phantom Ganon at the bottom of the Deku Tree Chasm - technically, this is part of the Trail of the Master Sword Main Quest, but can be done long before triggering the quest itself. The Purah Pad camera must also have been unlocked by Robbie in the Camera Work in the Depths Main Quest.


TODO: Full walkthrough, locations of whirlpools and sinkholes

Adventure Log

Step Description
One of Kula's friends said they saw a big swirly circle in the water. Kula can't go looking himself but said that he would like to see that swirly thing.
You showed Kula the whirly circle. Now he wants to see a big circle of swirly sand. Kula would probably be happy if you found it and brought it to him.
You found the whirly water circle and the swirly sand circle and showed them to Kula. Kula was very satisfied.