Supply-Eyeing Fliers

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Supply-Eyeing Fliers



Speak with Huck on the hilltop on the south side of the road in Tabantha Hills


Defeat the swarm of Aerocuda above




Supply-Eyeing Fliers is a Side Quest in Tears of the Kingdom.


Link must speak with Huck on the hilltop on the south side of the road in Tabantha Hills.


On the southern side of the main road heading through the Tabantha Hills, there is a pillar of smoke coming from a fire on top of a hill. Around the smoke are several Aerocuda flying in the sky. After walking up the hill, a Rito named Huck can be seen with a spear and peering up at the Aerocuda. [1][2]

The Aerocuda aren't too high, but they fly around very quickly, making hitting them with arrows from the ground difficult. An easy way of shooting them is to fuse Eyeballs (such as from Keese or other Aerocuda) to your arrows.

After defeating the enemies, speak to Huck again to let him know the way is clear. He is impressed you were able to take out the monsters and gives you a purple rupee (50) as compensation.[3][4]

Adventure Log

Step Description
Huck was transporting supplies from Snowfield Stable to Rito Village when he was beset by monsters.

Now the monsters are circling above him, greedily eyeing the supplies.
You defeated the monsters, clearing the way for Huck to transport the supplies.

Report to Huck and give him the good news.
You let Huck know that you defeated the monsters. Relieved that he could finally take Snowfield Stable's donation to Rito Village, he gave you a purple rupee for your efforts.


  1. You there! Are you here because you noticed my signal fire? It's about time someone did. See, I got spotted by some monsters. - Huck, Tears of the Kingdom
  2. They want to snatch the supplies I collected from Snowfield Stable. Those pests... Normally I'd have dealt with them, no problem. But against a swarm, there wasn't much I could do but set a signal fire and wait for help to arrive. Sadly, unless you have a pair of wings I'm not seeing, I doubt you can reach the monsters up there. I'll just have to hang tight and wait for my friends to notice I'm gone. - Huck, Tears of the Kingdom
  3. What the... You don't even have wings. How'd you fight monsters so high up? Eh, who cares? What matters is you did it! Great work! Now I can get these supplies from Snowfield Stable back to my village. Please let me give you something for your efforts. It's less than you deserve, but it's also all I have. - Huck, Tears of the Kingdom
  4. Now, I better deliver these supplies before more monsters show up. Take care! - Huck, Tears of the Kingdom