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Find Princess Zelda



Speak with the Steward Construct




Find Princess Zelda is a Main Quest found in Tears of the Kingdom.


  • After Link completes the first three Shrines, as well as The Closed Door quest, he can return to the Temple of Time where he meets a floating vision of Zelda. Here Zelda will give Link the Recall ability, before vanishing again.
  • Link then tries to open the door at the back of the Temple of Time with no luck. He must find one more Light of Blessing so that he can offer it up to the Goddess Statue.
  • After completing the fourth shrine on the Great Sky Island, Link must return to the Goddess Statue found at the Temple of Time to regain some of his strength.
  • After Link visits the Goddess Statue, it will purge some of the Gloom from him, restoring a full Heart Container. This gives Link the strength to be able to open the last door in the Temple of Time.
  • Link can touch a Light, which allows him to feel Zelda's presence. Zelda calls out to Link, saying "Link, you must find me". This opens up the Main Quest mission, To the Kingdom of Hyrule.
  • Find Princess Zelda will complete after the conclusion of the game.

Adventure Log

Step Description
You found yourself on a strange island in the sky after you awoke. A steward construct claimed that Princess Zelda gave it her Purah Pad, all to get it into your hands.

The device's map shows a yellow point of light. The construct said that's where you'll find the princess.
In the Temple of Time, you approached an altar, and in a flash of light, you found yourself with Princess Zelda. That is, with some phantasmal floating vision of her.

She took your hand and gave you an ability to control time that's known as Recall. Now, the temple's deeper mysteries await you.
Rauru said you can't open the door at the back of the temple because you're still too weak.

You need to get one more Light of Blessing at the island's final shrine to offer at the Goddess Statue. The shrine is marked by a bright dot on the map. You can go near there instantly with the Purah Pad's travel feature.
After going to the final shrine that Rauru told you about, you now have four Lights of Blessing.

If you offer them at the Goddess Statue in the temple, you may regain enough strength to take on the door's test of vitality.
After you offered four Lights of Blessing, the Goddess Statue purged gloom from your body. You're far from being restored to your former full vitality, but it was enough to open the door. Rauru said he'd done all he could for Zelda and that now it was up to you. He then vanished, leaving you alone with the temple's final altar. Perhaps his parting words will soon be clear.
You didn't find Princess Zelda on the sky island where you awoke. When you touched the light in the Temple of Time, you felt her presence, however faintly, as a voice rang out in your mind: "Link, you must find me."

Where is Princess Zelda? Was there anything more she was trying to tell you?