Keys Born of Water

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Keys Born of Water




Talk to the Steward Construct near the ruins


Place three blocks of ice as "keys" into the wall




Keys Born of Water is a Shrine Quest in Tears of the Kingdom.


In some ruins west of the Dueling Peaks a Steward Construct gives Link the following riddle:

" Give keys born of water to the three altars. The sacred shrine will appear."

The three keys are actually ice slabs, which Link can make in the nearby river and melt down to size. After all three keys are inserted into the locks, Jochisiu Shrine will be unlocked.


  • Talk to the Steward Construct to begin the quest.
  • Nearby Zonai Devices include a Frost Emitter and a Flame Emitter. Bring the Frost Emitter down to the river and produce several slabs of ice. You'll need at minimum 3, but bring extras in case you melt some too much. Carry the ice back up to where the Construct is.
  • There are three diamond-shaped indentations in the wall where the ice needs to be placed.
    • The largest (far left) is the size of the ice block in its natural state. Use Ultrahand to rotate and insert it into the hole. It will click into place and sink into the floor.
    • The other two are smaller. Use the Flame Emitter (or some other heat source) to melt them down to size. Have patience and melt slowly, or bring a lot of backup ice. They will also click in when they are the right size for the lock.
  • When all three blocks are in the altars, Jochisiu Shrine will appear and the quest will clear.

Adventure Log

Step Description
Near some ruins at the foot of Dueling Peaks, a Steward Construct said this riddle would guide you to a sacred shrine:

Give keys born of water to the three altars. The sacred shrine will appear.