Twililght Princess is filled with a ton of brand new characters and below is a listing of most of them. The page is divided into two main sections, major and minor characters. Many of the Twilight Princess characters below reveal a lot about the storyline of the game, so if you are looking for just general information and don't want the game to be spoiled, you should hold off on reading this page. Below you will find six images of the major characters within Twilight Princess. They are listed in order of appearance and you can click their images to get to their full descriptions.

Major Characters

Minor Characters

Agitha Faron Ilia Misha Rusl
Ashei Fyer Impaz Monkey Sages
Auru Gengle Iza Oocca Sera
Barnes Golden Wolf Jaggle Ooccoo Shad
Beth Gor Amoto Jovani Ooccoo Jr. Skull Kid
Charlo Gor Coron King Bulblin Ook Soal
Chudley Gor Ebizo Kili Ordona Talo
Colin Gor Liggs Lanayru Pergie Telma
Coro Goron Lord Bullbo Plumm Trill
Darbus Great Fairy Louise Postman Twili
Dr. Borville Hanch Luda Prince Ralis Twilight Princess
Eldin Hanna Madame Fanadi Purlo Uli
Epona Hena Malo Purdy Yeta
Fado Hero's Shade Malver Queen Rutela Yeto
Falbi Hylian Soldiers Mayor Bo Renado Zora
Major Characters

Link begins the game as a simple wrangler over at the Ordon Ranch, deep within the Ordona Province. Link lives within the Ordon Village, which is a small town on the outskirts of Hyrule. He is around 17 years of age and is friendly with many of the residents of Hyrule. In particular, Link seems to have a romantic relationship with Ilia, the mayor's daughter. Link is looked up to by some of the children of Ordon, especially Colin, who wishes to grow up to be just like Link. Rusl, who is Colin's father, is Link's mentor early in the game.

Link's adventure leads him to navigate all of Hyrule as well as the Twilight Realm. Early in the game, Link meets up with Midna, who acts as Link's companion throughout his quest. Link later takes the form of a wolf when entering into the twilight realm. Link sets off on a journey to find three fused shadows, three pieces of the mirror of twilight, and to save Princess Zelda and the kingdom of Hyrule.

Midna is an imp like creature whose background and purpose are unknown throughout most of the game. She is a member of the Twili people who dwell within the Twilight Realm. She is first seen in the Faron Woods as Link is dragged away in wolf form. Midna then appears within Hyrule Castle and helps wolf Link escape. She acts as a companion for Link throughout his quest.

When Link is in the Twilight Realm, Midna will ride on top of wolf Link. While in wolf form, Link uses Midna to reach distant ledges and also uses Midna’s charged attack to defeat multiple enemies at once. Midna is also used as a form of transportation. Wolf Link can speak with Midna and she will warp him to any place where there is a warp portal in the sky. When Link is in the world of light, Midna disappears into Links body. Early in the game, Midna takes Link on a quest to recover three fused shadows. Zant steals these three fused shadows.

Midna later tries gaining access to the Twilight Realm only to see that the Mirror of Twilight is broken. This puts Midna and Link on their next quest to find three mirror shards and enter the world of Twilight. Midna’s character goes through quite an evolution throughout the game as her motives have changed because of the selflessness of both Link and Princess Zelda. At the end of the game, it is revealed that Midna is the Twilight Princess and her true form is revealed.

Wolf Link
Wolf Link is the form that Link takes when he enters the world of Twilight. He no longer can use his deep inventory of weaponry, but instead, relies on his animal instincts. Wolf Link has the ability to use his senses to view spirits in the Twilight Realm as well as discover strange scents and secret holes. He also has the ability to dig through small holes, which allows him to reach several secret areas and many previously unreachable areas. While in wolf form, Link is able to speak with many animals throughout the land.

While in wolf form, Link’s companion Midna will accompany him on his back. Once wolf Link gains the master sword, he also gains the shadow crystal, which allows Link to transform from a human to a wolf at almost any point in time.

Princess Zelda
Princess Zelda is the princess of Hyrule but she surrenders to Zant in order to preserve the lives of the people of Hyrule. Zelda is imprisoned within one of the towers of Hyrule Castle, but she remains in her normal form when the world is covered in Twilight. Later in the game, Midna is on her last breaths but Princess Zelda transfers her power to Midna to save her life. Princess Zelda is one of the chosen ones that holds a piece of the sacred power of the triforce.

At the end of the game, Princess Zelda is seen seemingly unconscious. Midna uses her power to revive her, only to find that Ganondorf has possessed her. This triggers several final battles of the game, the first being with Ganon’s Puppet Zelda. Princess Zelda is later revived once again and Midna transports her and Link to Hyrule Field. It is here where Princess Zelda summons the four spirits of light and creatures the light arrows. She uses these in battle alongside Link to defeat Ganondorf.

Zant is the leading villain throughout most of the game. He is a member of the Twili race and the self-proclaimed ruler of the Twilight. This garnered the name, Usurper King of the Twilight. Zant invades Hyrule Castle alongside several shadow beings and forces Princess Zelda to surrender. He appears sparingly throughout the game, confronting Midna and Link on several fronts. After gathering the three fused shadows, Zant steals them from Midna and puts the shadow crystal within Link. This makes Link remain in his wolf form even when in the world of light.

Zant later attempts to destroy the Mirror of Twilight, but is unable to do so, so instead, breaks it into pieces and scatters it throughout Hyrule. Before the battle with Zant, It is revealed that Zant was acting as a tool for his God, Ganondorf.

Ganondorf is the Gerudo King of Evil and is pivotal to the story of Twilight Princess. A flashback shows Ganondorf was sentenced to death by the sages, prior to the game. Since Ganondorf is one of the chosen ones of the Gods, he was unable to be killed by the sages, but instead, breaks free and kills the Sage of Water. The Sages then use the Mirror of Twilight to banish Ganon into the Twilight Realm.

Later in the game, it is revealed that Ganondorf had influenced Zant to take control of the Twilight Realm. He gave Zant some of his power in return for be allowing to leave the Twilight Realm. Ganondorf makes an appearance in Hyrule Castle near the end of the game where he sits on the throne. Princess Zelda can be found helpless within the same room. This triggers a series of final battles between Ganondorf and Link. The first is when Ganondorf takes control of Zelda and the first battle is with Ganon’s Puppet Zelda. Afterwards, Ganon then takes a massive beast form and fights Link a second time.

Midna sends Zelda and Link out of Hyrule Castle after the second battle, indicating she will finish Ganon off. Unfortunately that doesn’t happen as even the power of the fused shadows is not enough to defeat Ganon. The next phase of the final battle takes place on horseback. Link and Zelda ride around on Epona and Princess Zelda shoots Light Arrows at Ganondorf, stunning him and allowing link to slash at him with his sword. The final battle takes place when a ring of fire surrounds Link and Ganon in the middle of Hyrule Field. After a long sword dual Link thrusts his sword through the body of Ganondorf, presumably killing him in the process.

Minor Characters

Agitha is a little girl who lives in Hyrule Castle Town. Agitha lives in Agitha’s Castle, whose name relates to the fact that Agitha views herself as a princess. She has a passion for golden bugs and has sent initiations to invite all 24 of them to a ball at her castle. There are 12 types of golden bugs, with each coming in pairs, one male and one female.

Link can bring the golden bugs that he collects to Agitha and she will reward Link with rupees. She will give Link 50 rupees for 1 golden bug and 100 rupees for a golden bug that makes a pair. Once Link gives Agitha a single golden bug, he is rewarded with the big wallet, which allows Link to hold up to 600 rupees rather than the default 300 rupees. If Link returns all 24 bugs, Link gets the giant wallet which holds 1000 rupees. If Link has golden bugs but doesn’t show them to her, she will mention it as Link walks out.

Agitha can be seen outside the south gate of Castle Town searching for bugs during the daytime. She is one of the few people that are not afraid of wolf Link and she actually wants to play with him. At sunset she will leave to return to her castle.

Ashei is one of the members of the group that meets within Telma’s Bar. Ashei wears armor and is able to handle herself with the bow and arrow. She doesn’t think to highly of the soldiers of Hyrule and refers to them as sorry excuses for Hyrule soldiers. She has an interest in the Yeti that live at the Peak Province within Hyrule.

Ashei spots the beast that comes down from Snowpeak to Zora’s Domain and draws a sketch of him. Link uses this sketch to show to the Zora who note that the fish that the beast is carrying is known as a reekfish. Link later is able to catch a reekfish with the help of Prince Ralis.

Auru is one of the members of the group that meets within Telma’s Bar. He is an old wise man who seemingly has some relationship with the sages of Hyrule and perhaps even the royal family. Auru wears a symbol of the triforce on the front of his clothing.

Link encounters Auru at Lake Hylia where he mentions that he believes the evil plaguing Hyrule has something to do with Arbiter’s Grounds, a prison deep in the desert that has held Hyrule’s worst prisoners. Auru saved Fyer’s life sometime in the past and results in Fyer owing any favor to Auru. Auru gives Link a memo to show to Fyer, which tells Fyer to launch Link into the desert with the large cannon, allowing Link to gain access to the Gerudo Desert.

Barnes is the owner of the Kakariko Village bomb shop. Early on in the game, Barnes can be seen hiding with Renado from the monsters that have come to the village. The bomb shop is closed early on because the route to Death Mountain is closed due to unsteady relations with the Gorons. Once it opens up Link can purchase his first bomb bag from Barnes. Barnes will offer regular bombs once the store is open, but throughout the game water bombs and bomblings become available. If Link only has 1 or 2 bomb bags, Barnes offers a buy back policy where Link can sell his bombs for a discounted value and then restock a different type of bomb.

Beth is one of the children of Ordon Village and the daughter of Hanch and Sera. She is somewhere between 8 and 11 years of age and can be found hanging around Malo and Talo during the early portions of the game. While she can be seen with Malo and Talo, she often thinks of them being quite immature. Beth seems to tease Colin, believing that he is not up to being the hero that he dreams to be. Beth seemingly has a crush on Link early on the game. Beth has aspirations to one day leave the village and live a life as a city girl in town.

When the kids were taken to Kakariko Village, King Bulbin appears and is riding Lord Bullbo, his massive boar like creature. King Bulbin is riding through town right into where Beth is standing. Colin heroically jumps in and pushes her out of the way, saving her from any harm. This leads Beth to turn her crush away from Link and towards Colin. Beth is also good friends with Renado’s daughter Luda in Kakariko Village.

Charlo is a man who stands near the goat pens in Hyrule Castle Town. He accepts donations in increments of 30 and 50 rupees, although no real reward seems in sight when Link initially donates the rupees. However, once Link reaches a total of 1000 rupees in donations, he will be rewarded with a piece of heart.

Chudley is the founder of Chudley’s Fine Goods and Fancy Trinkets Emporium, located within Hyrule Castle Town. The fancy store has ridiculously overpriced merchandise that is so expensive that Link cannot even afford the cheapest item. Link is not even allowed to enter Chudley’s shop unless he gets his shoes shined by Soal, who shines shoes just outside of Chudley’s shop.

Once Link has donated enough rupees to build a bridge to Castle Town and to move Malo Mart into town, Chudley’s shop will close. Chudley becomes a worker at Malo Mart and changes his name to Malver.

Colin is one of the children of Ordon Village and the son of Rusl and Uli. Colin is a timed child that is somewhere between 7 and 10 years of age. Colin is much more laid back than the rest of the children of the Village and is very reluctant to take part in any of their more dangerous adventures. Colin is often teased by the other kids in the village because of his timid nature. He views Link and Ilia as great role models and even says that he'd like to be like Link when he grows up.

Early in the game Colin makes the fishing rod, which he ends up giving to Link. Soon after, Colin and Ilia are both kidnapped by King Bulbin and taken away. Link later finds Colin in Kakariko Village where he is being taken care of by Renado. Colin lives up to his heroic role model when he saves Beth from the path of King Bulbin. Colin is captured by King Bulbin but is later saved by Link after an epic battle in Hyrule Field and on the Bridge of Eldin. For the remainder of the game Colin can be found within Kakariko Village resting his wounds.

Coro lives within the Farod Woods and runs a lantern business. He also acts as a gate keeper within Faron Woods. Coro gives Link the lantern free of charge in hopes to gain back money by selling lantern oil in a bottle. He is a very bad cook and Link can scoop up some of his soup that he is making. However, the soup that Coro makes is known as nasty soup and it harms Link if he drinks it. Coro later sells Link his second bottle for 100 rupees, which comes filled with lantern oil.

Coro also seems to have good relationship with all sorts of animals. His long hair has made for a nesting place for birds. Coro is one of the very few people that doesn’t fear wolf Link when he runs by. Coro is roughly 15 or 16 years of age and has two sisters; older sister Iza, the owner of Rapid Ride, and young sister Hena, the owner of the Fishing Hole.

Darbus is the patriarch of the Goron Tribe. When Link first encounters him, he is locked away within the Goron Mines and is consumed by the fused shadow. The consumed Darbus is the temple boss of the Goron Mines, the Twilit Igniter Fyrus. Darbus has quite the massive body build, appearing very fearsome. However, he is always willing to help humans out whenever he can.

Now that he freed from the fused shadow, Darbus helps Link in his quest. He is sent to the area that blocks the entrance to the Hidden Village. Using his strong power, Darbus breaks the blocks revealing the entrance to the village. This allows Link to gain Ilia’s Charm, the Ancient Sky Book, and eventually reach the City in the Sky.

Dr. Borville
Dr. Borville is the resident doctor of Hyrule Castle Town. He attempts to treat the injured Prince Ralis but cannot because Zora are beyond his expertise. Dr. Borville did give some sort of treatment to Ilia, but the whereabouts are not found out until he reads a letter addressed from Telma. Dr. Borville apparently owes Telma a sum of over 76million rupees. The doctor then reveals that he received a wooden statue from her.

Eldin is the Spirit of Light that Link encounters at the spring within Kakariko Village. Eldin’s true form is revealed after Link gathers 16 years and fills the vessel of light. Eldin takes the form of a bird and tells Link to travel to the land guarded by Lanayru. Eldin is seen alongside the other three spirits at the end of the game when Princess Zelda summons the spirits to make the light arrows. After Link meets the Great Fairy at the 30th floor of the Cave of Ordeals, fairies are released at Kakariko Village where Eldin is located.

Epona is Link's trusty horse companion throughout the game. Early on Epona is used at the Ordon Ranch to help herd the goats. Ilia has a very close bond with Epona and is upset with Link after Epona experiences a minor injury. After the attack from King Bulbin and the kidnapping of Colin and Ilia, Epona goes missing. Epona is later found in Kakariko Village, where with the help of Link, the two defeat King Bulbin and save Colin.

Link controls Epona with the use of spurs. Link has six spurs to use, with Epona's speed ranging on how many spurs are used consecutively. Link also has the ability to use several items while riding on Epona, including his sword and the bow and arrow. Link can call over Epona from almost anywhere in Hyrule where there is a piece of horse grass on the ground. Alternatively, just before the City in the Sky, link received the Horse Call, which is an item made by Ilia that allows Link to call Epona from almost anywhere.

Fado is a resident of Ordon Village who works at the Ordon Ranch. He appears to be near the same age as Link and also appears to be Link's employer. He is a bit laid back, allowing Link to take things easy from time to time. Fado is not too great with the goats at Ordon Ranch and often they escape and come running into Ordon Village. Fado has a house in Ordon Village, but Link is never able to go inside of it since it is locked at all times of day.

Falbi is a very tall and cheerful man who used to work in a circus. He works together with his partner Fyer to successfully run his flight game. Falbis Flight by Fowl at the top of Lake Hylia allows Link to fly a cucco all the way down to Lake Hylia. Link can reach numerous secret locations from here including finding two heart pieces. The cucco in Ordon Village mentions Falbi’s flight game when spoken to as wolf Link. It is believed that one of the cuccos in Kakariko Village left Lake Hylia because he was unhappy with his previous master. However, when speaking to all the other cuccos, they all seem to be in good spirits and have no complaints about Falbi.

Faron ?Faron is the Spirit of Light that Link encounters at the spring within Faron Woods. His true form is revealed after wolf Link gathers 16 tears and fills the vessel of light. Faron resembles a monkey and speaks to Link about the twilight. He also mentions the former hero and says that Link is the new hero. After restoring Faron with the tears, Link will return to his human form and is now wearing the hero’s clothes. Faron is seen alongside the other three spirits at the end of the game when Princess Zelda summons the spirits to make the light arrows. After Link meets the Great Fairy at the 20th floor of the Cave of Ordeals, fairies are released within the Faron Spring.

Fyer a short, hunched, and lazy looking man who runs a cannon service on a small island in the center of Lake Hylia. He is also a mechanical specialist and can repair machinery. The standard flight that offers shoots Link up to the top of Lake Hylia where Link can meet up with Fyer’s partner Falbi.

Later in the game Link will show Fyer a letter from Auru and this will open up a second flight, which will send Link flying to the Gerudo desert. After the Temple of Time and Link restores Ilia’s memory, Link discovers a massive cannon underneath Renado’s house in Kakariko Village. Midna warps Link and the cannon to Lake Hylia. Link can speak with Fyer and for 300 rupees Fyer will repair the massive cannon. The cannon can be used to launch Link all the way up to the City in the Sky.

Gengle is Jovani’s cat and his best friend. When Jovani’s greed leads him to sell his soul, Gengle turns into a golden rock that is stock on Jovani’s head. The other cats outside of Jovani’s house are worried as to where Gengle has gone. After Link restores Jovani’s soul, Link can talk to Gengle at any time and gain unlimited rupees.

Golden Wolf
The Golden Wolf seems to be the animal incarnation of the Hero’s Shade. Once Wolf Link finds a howling stone, he howls the correct tune and this takes him to a mysterious location outside a Castle. On another cliff, wolf Link will see the Golden Wolf and the two will howl the new tune together. Once this is complete, a symbol appears on Link’s map and the golden wolf tells Link to take sword in hand and find him. When Link encounters the Golden Wolf, he is taken to a foggy area and meats the Hero’s Shade.

Gor Amoto
Gor Amoto is the first Goron elder found within the Goron Mines. He is rather old and is the 4th in power amongst the Goron elders. Gor Amoto helps Link by giving him a key shard, which will eventually be put together to form the big key.

Gor Coron
Gor Coron is one of the four Goron elders who live on Death Mountain. When Darbus, the patriarch of the Goron tribe, is consumed by the evil power of the fused shadow, Gor Coron takes a leadership role amongst the tribe.

Gor Coron challenges Link to a sumo wrestling match to prove his power. With the help of the iron boots, Link defeats Gor Coron and gains access to the sacred Goron Mines. Much later in the game, Gor Coron along with Darbus aid Link in restoring Ilia’s lost memory.

Gor Ebizo
Gor Ebizo is the second elder found within the Goron Mines. He is incredibly old and is the 2nd in power amongst the Goron elders. Gor Ebizo helps Link by giving him the second key shard, which will eventually be put together to form the big key.

After the Goron Mines, Gor Ebizo can be found at Malo Mart within Kakariko Village. He asks for donations to try and raise enough money to get the bridge to Castle Town rebuilt. Once he gets enough rupees, he then asks for donations to move Malo Mart to Castle Town.

Gor Liggs
Gor Liggs is the third elder found within the Goron Mines. His body is tattooed with various symbols and he loves to meditate in his chamber. Gor Liggs is rather mellow and he is 3rd in power amongst the Goron elders. Gor Liggs helps Link by giving him the third key shard, which forms the big key.

After the Goron Mines, Gor Liggs can be found outside of Malo Mart in Kakariko Village. If Link speaks with him after the bridge to Castle Town has been built, he’ll give Link spring water to pour on a resting Goron. Link can take this barrel of spring water across Hyrule Field and splash it on the Goron resting along the bridge near Castle Town. Doing this will lead this Goron to re-opening his spring water shop in Castle Town. This will also drastically lower the cost of having to bring Malo Mart to Castle Town.

The Gorons are a tribe that inhabits the Death Mountain region of Hyrule. Many Gorons can also be found within Kakariko Village and Hyrule Castle Town. Their bodies are hard a steel and the tribe values powerful strength. Often times Gorons cover there bodies with tribal tattoos. The Gorons view sumo wrestling as a hobby and while they are not wrestling they enjoy relaxing in hot springs.

After the Twilight covers Eldin Province the Gorons break off all connections with the humans. They no longer come to Kakariko Village and humans are not allowed to scale Death Mountain. With the power of the iron boots, Link is able to withstand the Gorons and scale Death Mountain. After Link completes the Goron Mines, the Gorons re-open communication with the humans. Notable Gorons include Darbus, Gor Coron, Gor Amoto, Gor Ebizo, and Gor Liggs.

Great Fairy
The Great Fairy only appears deep in the Gerudo Desert within the Cave of Ordeals. She can be found every 10 floors of the Cave of Ordeals, making a total of 5 appearances. Each time Link reaches the Great Fairy, she will reward Link be opening fairy fountains at the springs in Ordon, Faron, Eldin, and Lanayru. Once Link reaches the 50th floor, the Great Fairy wills a bottle with Great Fairy’s Tears. Each time Link uses the tears he can return to any of the four springs and get a refill of them. If Link goes through the Cave of Ordeals a second time, he can get more Great Fairy Tears, allowing Link to carry two of them at once.

Hanch is the father of Beth and the husband of Sera. He lives in Ordon Village and can be seen early in the game trying to catch bee larva for the family’s commodity shop, Sera’s Sundries. Sera’s cat had gone missing and Hanch hopes the bee larva can cheer her up. Between 30 and 40 years of age, Hanch can be described as being meek and timid, even to the point where he attacks wolf Link with a hawk.

Hanna is one of the three girls who stand outside the tent of the star mini-game. If Link wins the game, all three of the young ladies will run up to Link and recovery hearts will fall out of them. The three will then dash away to other parts of Castle Town. It is unknown which girl is Hanna, although one of girls has red hair, one has blue hair, and the other has green hair.

Hena is the owner of the fishing hole, which is a small fishing center along Zora’s River. Link can talk to Hena and rent out a fishing rod and a fishing boat. For 100 rupees Hena will come along with Link on his fishing quest. Before Link goes fishing, he can look at the various items within the building. Hena will comment on all the various items as Link looks at them. Link can roll into the wall and break some of the jars, but Hena will kick Link out of the building. Link then has to apologize in order to return.

When fishing with Hena, she won’t allow Link to use the sinking lure as she believes it is cheating and can be harmful to the environment. Hena has two siblings of which she is the youngest. She has an older brother Coro and an older sister Iza. During the end credits she can be see together with Coro and Iza at the fishing hole.

Hero's Shade
The Hero’s Shade is a mighty warrior characters that teaches hidden skills to Link. He resembles the old hero, presumably Link from Ocarina of Time. The hero appears to have some distant relationship with Link, often referring to him as his child. He often says our, to refer to both himself and Link. Link encounters the Hero’s Shade in a mysterious foggy area where he is taught the hidden skills.

Wolf Link first finds a howling stone and howls the tune back at the stone. From there a golden wolf appears on the map and Link meets a golden wolf at this location. Walking near the golden wolf will summon the hero’s shade.

Hylian Soldiers
Hylian Soldiers can be seen patrolling Hyrule Castle and the Castle Town. Many can be seen as spirits in the twilight filled sewers of Hyrule Castle. The soldiers are rather useless and many of the people of Castle Town criticize them for their cowardliness. If wolf Link attempts to attack the soldiers, they will drop their gear and run away. The cowardliness of these soldiers has led to a resistance group forming within Telma’s Bar, which includes Telma, Auru, Rusl, Ashei, and Shad.

Ilia is roughly the age of 16 and is one of Link's close friends. She is also the daughter of the mayor of Ordon, Mayor Bo. Ilia seems to have a bond with Link's horse Epona, often times caring towards Epona's needs even more than Link does. She also acts as a roll model for Colin early in the game. There seems to be some sort of romantic connection between Ilia and Link.

After the attack from King Bulbin, Ilia is captured and is not seen until much later in the game. She appears in Hyrule Castle Town within Telma's Bar, but she has no recollection of who Link is. She has lost her memory and does not remember what happened. Ilia has been taking care of an injured Zora, Prince Ralis. It is later revealed that Ilia was held captive by bulbins within the Hidden Village. After regaining her memory within Kakariko Village, Ilia helps Link gain access to the City in the Sky. She also gives Link the Horse Call, an item she was making at the beginning of the game that allows Link to summon Epona at almost any part of Hyrule.

Impaz is an old woman and the only resident of the Hidden Village. She is not allowed to leave the village until the messenger of the heavens arrives, of which Impaz will give this person the Ancient Sky Book. Her name comes from the founder of the village, Impa from Ocarina of Time. Impaz also appears to be a member of the Shekiah tribe.

Bulblins took over the Hidden Village and Impaz became a prisoner within her own house. When Ilia was captured from Ordon Village, she was taken to the Hidden Village where she became friends with Impaz. Impaz helps Ilia escape the village, but she herself stays behind. Ilia had told Impaz about Link and after Link defeats all the bulblins in the village, Impaz recognizes him as the one Ilia spoke of.

Link later mentions the dominion rod of which Impaz realizes that Link is the messenger of the heavens. Impaz then gives Link the Ancient Sky Book, which leads Link on a journey to the City in the Sky.

Iza runs the Rapid Ride mini-game that begins at Upper Zora’s River and ends at Lake Hylia. When Link first encounters Iza, he won’t be able to play the game. Once Link defeats the shadow being that is nearby, Iza opens up her game and allows Link to play.

She first mentions that there are boulders blocking the way of the ride so Link cannot play. She asks Link if he’d be kind enough to take care of the boulders and of course Link is. She gives Link a bomb bag, which combined with arrows will be able to break the boulders. At the bottom of the river, Link sees a Zora who works for Iza. As a reward for his work, Link is allows to keep the bomb bag that Iza gave him. Link can then play the Rapid Ride mini-game with a chance to win a bigger bomb bag.

Iza is the oldest of her siblings. She has a younger brother Coro and a younger sister Hena. All three of them can be seen together during the end credits.

Jaggle is the husband of Pergie and the father of Malo and Talo. He works on a small farm in Ordon Village and also has a passion for doing wood work. While he is said to be quite lazy, he does craft the Ordon Shield, which Link later acquires as his first shield. Jaggle teaches Link how to climb up ivy and how to summon over a hawk using certain grass.

Jovani is a man in Hyrule Castle Town who has lost his soul. He lives in the house that has a bunch of cats running around the front lawn. Wolf Link first encounters him as part of the storyline when passing through the rafters of Telma’s Bar. Jovani helps Link by showing him a passage into the Hyrule Castle sewer.

Jovani sold his soul to Poe’s in exchange for a massive amount of money. However, he’s had a change of heart and wishes to give the money back in return for his soul. Jovani tells wolf Link to collect Poe souls and bring them back to him. If wolf Link brings 20 of them back, Jovani award wolf Link with a new bottle filled with fairy tears. Jovani hasn’t gained full mobility and won’t until Link brings all 60 Poe souls to Jovani. Link can return and get unlimited rupees from Jovani’s cat, Gengle.

King Bulblin
King Bulblin is one of the common villains within the game. He is first encountered in the Ordon Spring, where he comes riding in with Lord Bullbo, his boar like creature. He captures Ilia and Colin and blows in his horn instrument, which causes a twilight warp portal to appear over the Ordon Spring.

King Bulblin is later seen within Kakariko Village, once again riding Lord Bullbo. He runs straight towards Beth, but ends up capturing Colin instead. King Bulblin ends up becoming a repeat mini-boss, where Link battles him on the Bridge of Eldin, the Great Bridge of Hylia, the Bulblin Base, and within the Hyrule Castle courtyard. After his final defeat, King Bulblin shows his humanity, by speaking to Link, saying that he serves the strongest side. In the end credits, King Bulblin is shown riding throughout Hyrule Field. His horns have grown back indicating that he is at peace with Hyrule.

Kili is one of the three girls who stand outside the tent of the star mini-game. If Link wins the game, all three of the young ladies will run up to Link and recovery hearts will fall out of them. The three will then dash away to other parts of Castle Town. It is unknown which girl is Kili, although one of girls has red hair, one has blue hair, and the other has green hair.

Lanayru is the Spirit of Light that Link encounters at the spring near Lake Hylia. Lanayru takes the form of a snake after the vessel of light is filled. Lanayru is perhaps the most important of the spirits as it has its own shrine within Lake Hylia. Many local Hylians have been known to visit Lanayru to pay their respect for the spirit. Lanayru explains that the power of the fused shadows was created by dark magic wielders. He explains that the spirits of light sealed this magic into the fused shadows and then banished the dark magic wielders into the twilight realm.

When Zant appears and attacks Midna and Link near the spring, Lanayru appears and tries to attack Zant. Lanayru doesn’t succeed but successfully warps Link and Midna outside the spring to Hyrule Field. Lanayru is seen alongside the other three spirits at the end of the game when Princess Zelda summons the spirits to make the light arrows. After Link meets the Great Fairy at the 40th floor of the Cave of Ordeals, fairies are released at the Lanayru spring in Lake Hylia.

Lord Bullbo
Lord Bullbo is a boar like creature that is ridden by King Bulbin. Lord Bullbo is first seen when King Bulblin rides into Ordon and kidnaps Colin and Ilia. The boar runs extremely fast and during battle Epona must ride at full speed just to keep up with the boar.

Lord Bullbo fights along side King Bulbin in a jousting match with Link on the Brdige of Eldin and later on the Great Bridge of Hylia. He is not seen again until near the end of the game in the Hyrule Castle Courtyard. The end credits show Lord Bullbo and King Bulblin riding through the Hyrule Field.

Louise is an intelligent and fluffy white cat that belongs to Telma. Her intelligence leads her to be looked down upon by the other cats of the Castle Town. She is unable to speak with Link in his human form, but helps out Link while he is in his wolf form. Louise helps wolf Link and Midna enter the Hyrule Castle sewers for a second time by showing them a secret path through the rafters of Telma’s Bar. Later in the game Louise helps wolf Link retrace Ilia’s steps by telling him that a gang of stalhound’s stole Ilia’s wooden statue and they are at the southern gate of Hyrule Castle Town.

Luda is the daughter of Renado and lives within Kakariko Village. She befriends the children of Ordon and especially Beth upon their arrival. Luda is roughly 10 to 12 years of age, making her the same age as Beth. She is compliant, polite, reliable, and very mature for her age. Luda and Beth take care of Colin while he is injured creating a close bond between the two girls. During the end credits Luda and Beth can be seen hugging as the children leave to get back to Ordon Village.

Madame Fanadi
Madame Fanadi is a fortune teller who works in Hyrule Castle Town. For just 10 rupees Link can learn his fortune. Some of the things she says have hidden meanings while others are completely dubious. However, Madame Fanadi often times says accurate information that helps Link progress further in the game. One of her fortune readings even leads to Link gaining an extra heart piece.

Malo is one of the children of Ordon Village somewhere between 4 and 6 years of age. He is the younger brother of Talo and the son of Jaggle and Pergie. He might be rather small, but he is quite intelligent and perhaps even more mature than his older brother Talo. When he does talk, his words are always quiet and sarcastic.

After the kids are taken to Kakariko Village, Malo opens up his own shop in Kakariko Village known as Malo Mart. He sells notable items such as the Hylian Shield and later in the game, the Hawkeye. After the Goron Mines have been completed, there is a side-quest that leads to Link donating some rupees to pay for the western bridge to be repaired. Once it is paid off, donations are taken to buy a shop in Hyrule Castle town. After enough rupees are donated, Malo Mart will open up in Hyrule town and sell the Magic Armor for a very cheap, 598 rupees, in comparison to the 100,000 rupees it costs before. Malo however, remains in Kakariko Village even after Malo Mart has opened in Castle Town.

Malver runs Malo Mart once the Hyrule Castle Town branch has opened up. Malver is a very energetic salesman and believes that customer service comes first before anything else. This is quite a change for Malver, as before Malo Mart opened up, Malver was known as Chudley and his characteristics were the complete opposite. Chudley owned and ran the very luxurious shop, Chudley’s Fine Goods and Fancy Trinkets Emporium, located in the exact same location as Malo Mart.

Mayor Bo
Mayor Bo is the mayor of Ordon Village and the father of Ilia. Early in the game Mayor Bo chooses Link to go and deliver the special gifts to Hyrule Castle. Mayor Bo can be a bit clumsy with his decisions and this leads to arguments with Ilia at times.

Mayor Bo is also much respected amongst the Goron Tribe. When Link is having trouble scaling Death Mountain, he speaks with Mayor Bo and the mayor teaches Link the art of sumo wrestling. Once Link defeats Mayor Bo, he is award with the Iron Boots, which will give Link the necessary power to hold off the strong Gorons and become a respected member of their tribe.

Misha is one of the three girls who stand outside the tent of the star mini-game. If Link wins the game, all three of the young ladies will run up to Link and recovery hearts will fall out of them. The three will then dash away to other parts of Castle Town. It is unknown which girl is Misha, although one of girls has red hair, one has blue hair, and the other has green hair.

The monkey’s play an important role throughout the early portion of the game. A monkey can be seen in Ordon Village, carrying a baby cradle which belongs to Uli. Link recovers this cradle for Uli and it leads to Link gaining the fishing rod.

Later in the game a monkey is spotted outside of Link’s house. This leads Talo to go wandering through the Faron woods in pursuit of the monkey. Talo is later seen captured alongside the monkey he is chased.

The monkeys befriend Link during his quest in the Forest Temple. After Link rescues them, he can use the monkeys to swing himself across gaps which he wouldn’t ordinarily be able to cross.

The Oocca are an ancient race of Hyrule who live in the City in the Sky. Shad believes them to be the ancestors of Hylians. The Oocca are perhaps even closer to the Gods than the Shekiah or the Hylians. They can be used as floating devices similarly to how cuccos are used. Even though they squeak when picked up, the Oocca are willing to be used as tools to help Link on his quest.

Ooccoo is a member of the Oocca tribe who Link encounters in several of the dungeons. Ooccoo is found in every temple through the Temple of Time as she is looking for the Dominion Rod. Once Link is about to shoot into the City in the Sky, Ooccoo jumps aboard and is launched to its native city.

Link can use Ooccoo as a warping device within dungeon to easily return to a specific spot within a dungeon. Link uses Ooccoo in a dungeon and is then taken outside. From there Link can use Ooccoo once again to return to the exact location within the dungeon.

Ooccoo Jr.
Ooccoo Jr. is a member of the Ooccoo tribe and the son of Ooccoo. When Link uses Ooccoo to warp out of the temple, Ooccoo Jr. will stay with you. Link can use Ooccoo Jr. to return to Ooccoo. It appears that the children of Ooccoo are nothing more than a head floating around.

Ook is a baboon that makes common appearances within the Forest Temple. He wields the gale boomerang and uses it to cut down a bridge, making it hard for Link to reach the north side of the temple. After Link helps rescues 4 monkey’s he is allowed to pass the broken bridge and meet up with Ook.

Ook serves as a mini-boss of the Forest Temple and after Link defeats him, Link is rewarded with the Gale Boomerang. Once defeated, a parasite will jump off the monkey’s back and Ook will flee the room. With the parasite gone, Ook reveals his good nature and helps Link during the temple’s final boss battle. He carries bomblings as he swings across the room. Link can target these bomblings and use them to defeat Diababa, the boss of the forest temple.

Ordona is the first Spirit of Light that Link encounters and is located at the Ordon Spring. Link reveals Ordona’s true form after defeating a shadow being near the spring. Ordona resembles an Ordon goat and tells Link of the other three Spirits. Ordona also mentions a bit about Zant, and his desires to take over the world.

Ordona doesn’t seem to be as important as the other three spirits. Lanayru, one of the other spirits, refers to the spirits in 3 and not 4, inferring that Ordona is not responsible for the protection of Hyrule. This could be because Ordona Province is actually just an outskirt area and not actually a part of Hyrule. Ordona is seen alongside the other three spirits at the end of the game when Princess Zelda summons the spirits to make the light arrows. After Link meets the Great Fairy at the 10th floor of the Cave of Ordeals, fairies are released within the Ordon Spring.

Pergie is the wife of Jaggle and the mother of Malo and Talo. She lives in Ordon Village and is almost always doing house work. Since her husband Jaggle is quite lazy, she deals with the burden of dealing with her two mischievous sons. Pergie is indoor for almost the entire game washing dishes.

Plumm is a myna bird who appears near Fyer in Lake Hylia. Plumm is near horse grass that is in between two small bridges. Plumm appears to be owned by Iza, since both of Iza’s siblings own a myna bird as well. If Link is in human form and tries to speak with the bird, Plumm will say that he does not deal with humans. If wolf Link speaks with Plumm, he will ask if wolf Link would like to play a mini-game.

The Fruit Pop Flight Challenge is the game that Plumm runs. Wolf Link grabs onto a kargarok and the goal of the game is to use the creature to fly into the large fruits. Wolf Link gets bonuses for running into the same fruit several times in a row. The reward for getting 10,000 points is a piece of heart.

The Postman will deliver mail to Link all throughout Hyrule. There are several locations that if Link comes across, the Postman will find him and deliver a piece of mail. He is quite a comical character and can even be heard humming the victory tune when he gives Link a letter. The Postman takes his job very seriously and is always prompt with his letter deliveries. He even is able to spot Link even when he is in wolf Link form.

When not delivering mail, the Postman can be found in a few random places. He is seen in Telma’s Bar looking at a menu, at the Ordon Ranch near the goats, in the Elde Inn drying off a letter by the fireplace, in Zora’s Domain pondering a letter to Mr. Zora, on a bridge in Plumm’s mini-game, and even on the 49th floor of the Cave of Ordeals during Link’s second time through it.

Prince Ralis
Prince Ralis is an injured Zora prince that is found by Ilia and taken to Telma’s bar. He is escorted to Kakariko Village by Link, Telma, and Ilia. Prince Ralis traveled to Hyrule Castle town to deliver a message to Princess Zelda about the frozen Zora’s Domain.

Prince Ralis is not confident that he will be able to rule over the Zora’s as their king. Link helps the prince out and gives him the confidence needed to return to Zora’s Domain. Prince Ralis is an excellent Reekfish angler and he gives Link the coral lure, which will allow Link to catch Reekfish. After giving the lure, Prince Ralis will return to Zora’s Domain and rule as their king.

Purlo lives in Hyrule Castle Town and runs the Star Minigame. Purlo is in the business to try and make money. He is happy whenever Link loses when playing the star game and upset when Link wins. When Hyrule Castle Town is covered in twilight, Link can speak with Purlo outside of his tent and he can here that Purlo believes he can make a killing off this town. If Link completes the Star minigame the first time, he is reward with a quiver upgrade which allows Link to carry 60 arrows rather than the usual 30. After Link gets the double clawshot he can play the Star Minigame a second time, at which he can gain the largest quiver, allowing him to carry 100 arrows.

Purdy is a myna bird who lives with Hena at the fishing hole. Each of Hena’s two siblings, Coro and Iza, both have myna birds as well. Those birds are named Trill and Plumm.

Queen Rutela
Queen Rutela was the queen of the Zora race, but recently died with the invasion of the twilight creatures into the land. She first appears in Zora’s Domain and pleads to Link to save his son’s life. After Link saves Prince Ralis, he can go to the back of the Kakariko Graveyard where he meets Queen Rutela again. The Queen will reward Link with the Zora armor. With the Zora armor, Link is now able to reach the depths of the Lakebed Temple. Queen Rutela can be seen during the ending credits watching over Prince Ralis.

Renado is the shaman of Kakariko Village and the father of Luda. When the children of Ordon are kidnapped, they make it to Kakariko Village where Renado cares for them. Renado also shelters and takes care of Ilia and Prince Ralis when they come to the village.

Renado has an awkward relationship with Telma from Hyrule Castle Market. Telma has a thing for Renado but Renado specifically tells Link he does not want to see her. Renado also appears to be good friends with Mayor Bo of Ordon.

Rusl is around 30 years of age and acts as a mentor towards Link early on in the game. Rusl is the husband of Uli and the father of Colin. Rusl and Uli are having a second child, who is an unnamed baby. At the start of the game, Rusl entrusts Link with a duty of delivering a special gift to Hyrule Castle. Rusl can be seen early in the game slashing his sword around, honing his skills, indicating he is a knowledge swordsman. Rusl delivers Link his first sword in the game, the wooden sword.

Rusl is injured early on in the game when monsters come to the village and take away the children. Link later finds out that Rusl is one of the members of the resistance in Telma's Bar. He is covered in armor though and only shows himself to Link if he is spoken to multiple times. As part of the group, he helps Link stay on his path to find the mirror shards. Rusl makes an appearance outside of the Forest Temple and gives Link a golden cucco which allows him to reach the Sacred Grove as a human and eventually the Temple of Time.

The Sages first make an appearance near the mirror chamber at the peak of Arbiter’s Grounds. They appear in ethereal form and a cut-scene is shown where they attempt to execute Ganondorf using the Sword of the Sages. They fail at this endeavor and Ganondorf kills the Sage of Water. The Sages then use the Mirror of Twilight to banish Ganondorf into the Twilight Realm.

Sera is the mother of Beth and wife of Hanch. She runs a commodity shop in Ordon Village where Link can purchase basic items. Sera has a cat which she loves very much. Some villagers even think that Sera loves her cat more than her husband, Hanch.

Sera is dejected early in the game as her cat has run away after she yelled at him for eating a fish, which was the family’s dinner. Link later catches a fish and the cat grabs it and takes it back to Sera. When Link speeks with Sera next, she is happy that her cat has come back and gives Link his first bottle, which is half filled with milk. Link then can purchase the much needed Slingshot from Sera’s Sundries.

Shad is one of the members of the group that meets within Telma’s Bar. He shows a great interest in the Oocca sky creatures, who he believes were around even before the Hylians. Shad is believed to be the only member of the group in Telma’s Bar who is not trained for battle. He states that while he is formidable at book reading, he lacks physical skills and strength.

Shad’s father before him also studied the Oocca and Shad is following in his footsteps. Since Shad is one of the few that can read Sky Writing, he is able to assist Link in reaching the City in the Sky. He aids Link in restoring the Dominion Rod. Link can then use the dominion rod to collect letters missing from the Ancient Sky Book, which allows Link to reach the sky cannon found deep under Kakariko Village.

Skull Kid
The skull kid leads Link through the forest to reach the sacred grove. When Link first encounters the skull kid he is in his wolf form and the two play a game of hide and seek. Wolf Link travels from area to area in the lost woods searching for the skull kid. After finding him numerous times, the skull kid will lead Link to the remains of the Temple of Time.

In order to track the skull kid, just use your eyes and ears. The skull kid is always carrying a lantern, so just follow the light and you’ll see which area he has traveled too next. Also, the skull kid will use his horn instrument to play Saria’s song, a theme from a previous Zelda title. While Link is chasing after the skull kid, he will periodically blow his horn and four puppets appear and attack Link.

Link comes through to the sacred grove a second time, but this time as human Link. The process is the exact same except the skull kid hides in different areas. After Link has found the skull kid several times, there is a mini battle between you and him. However, even though you shoot the skull kid with arrows, he believes he is having fun. The skull kid laughs it off and tells you that was fun as he vanishes.

Soal is a young boy who makes his living in Hyrule Castle Town as a shoe shiner. Soal works just outside of Chudley’s Fine Goods and Fancy Trinkets Emporium. In order to enter Chudley’s shop, Link must get his shoes shined by Soal.

Talo is one of the children of Ordon Village somewhere between 8 and 11 years of age. He is the older brother of Malo and the son of Jaggle and Pergie. He is very immature and constantly teasing Colin. He has a great interest in weaponry and early in the game he is overly excited about the slingshot and the wooden sword. These weapons send off a chain of events that lead Talo to chasing a monkey into Faron Woods. He is later found captured in a cage just outside the Forest Temple. After being saved he returns to Ordon Village.

Talo is taken from Ordon Village but later found with Renado in Kakariko Village. Talo later gains much more respect for Colin after he saved Beth from King Bulbin. He remains in Kakariko until the end of game, acting as a protector of the village, standing at the highest post of Kakariko Village, eyeing any enemies that come into town. Throughout the game, if wolf Link is spotted in Kakariko Village by Talo, he warns the town to take cover.

Telma is the owner of a bar within Castle Town, conveniently named, Telma’s Bar. She helps Ilia and Prince Ralis when they stumble upon the Castle Town. Telma mentions that Renado of Kakariko Village may be able to help them recover. Link, Telma, Ilia, and Prince Ralis set out on a long journey through Hyrule Field to get to Kakariko Village. Telma seems to have a romantic crush on Renado, but he has no interest in Telma. Telma does not think to highly of the soldiers of Hyrule, often criticizing them as being cowards in the face of danger.

Telma also is a part of a resistance group that meets within Telma’s Bar to try and save Hyrule. The group consists of Auru, Rusl, Ashei, and Shad. Link uses the help of Telma and the group to guide him on his quest to finding the Mirror of Twilight and recovering all the mirror shards.

Trill is a myna bird who is owned by Coro. Trill watches over an unattended shop in North Faron Woods. Trill is friends with Plumm, another myna bird that resides near Lake Hylia.

Trill sells red potion for 30 rupees and lantern oil for 20 rupees. However, Link just scoops up either and donates money to Trill. Link can pay the exact amount, more, less, or nothing at all. Trill will react depending on how much Link pays, either complimenting him for his generosity, calling him a cheapskate, or pecking at Link if he tries to steal. Trill won’t let Link come back in without getting pecked at if he does steal.

The Twili are a unique race that live within the Twilight Realm. Most of the Twili are turned into monster like creatures when Zant takes over. The Twili were sent into the Twilight Realm by the Sage of Hyrule as punishment for trying to use old magic to claim the triforce. This old magic is actually the power that is the fused shadows.

Midna and Zant are the two notable Twili. Zant was slated to become the Twilight King, but he was past over and Midna became the Twilight Princess. Zant then used the power of Ganondorf to take over the Twilight Realm, transform the Twili into monsters, and turn the Twilight Princess into an imp.

When Link visits the Twilight Realm he finds an item known as a sol which acts as a form of light within the Twilight Realm. Using these sol, he is able to restore the Twili creatures to their original forms.

Twilight Princess
The Twilight Princess is revealed to be Midna after Link pieces together the Mirror of Twilight. The Sages reveal this information and we find that she is the true leader of the Twili race, but taken over by force from Zant, with the power of Ganondorf. Midna lost her true form and was transformed into an imp like creature.

After Link defeats Ganondorf at the final battle, the Spirit’s of Light will break the curse on Midna, revealing her true form as the Twilight Princess. She stands a bit taller than Princess Zelda and has red eyes and hair. She wears a long garb that only half covers her body as well as an awkward looking crown on her head. At the very end of the game, the Twilight Princess is about to return to the Twilight Realm. She bids farewell and sheds a tear which contacts the Mirror of Twilight and shatters, presumably breaking the link between the world of Twilight and the world of Light.

Uli is the wife of Rusl and the mother of Colin. She appears to be in her 20's and is pregnant with the family's second child. Early in the game, Link find's Uli's missing baby cradle, which leads Uli to give Link the fishing rod that was created by Colin. Uli is a very kind and loveable lady who spends all of her time in her house or wandering within Ordon Village. Uli is seen with her newborn baby girl during the credits of the game.

Yeta is the wife of Yeto and is first seen within the Snowpeak Ruins. She knows of the Mirror Shard but has forgotten where she placed it. She gives Link incorrect locations within the mansion at first, but finally gives him the correct location, her bedroom.

Once Link reaches the bedroom Yeta transforms into the Twilit Ice Mass: Blizzeta. After the boss battle, Yeta seems to have broken away from the curse of the Mirror Shard and Yeto runs to the room. Together they hug each other and all seems to be well.

Yeto and Yeta can be seen later on Peak Province and Link can challenge Yeto to an ice boarding race to the mansion. Once he beats Yeto he can challenge his wife Yeta. Yeats is much faster than Yeto and Link will need to take the short-cut in order to beat her.

Yeto is part of the yeti race and lives in the Snowpeak Ruins. He is the husband of Yeta, who is sick at the mansion when Link first meets her. Yeto is seen as a beast by the members of the Zora tribe when he comes to the river. In order to make a soup to heel Yeta, Yeto comes to Zora’s River to catch a reekfish. After gaining the scent fo a reekfish, Link follows the trail all the way through the Peak Province and meets with Yeto. From here, Link learns from Yeto and uses a piece of ice to snowboard over to the Snowpeak Ruins.

Yeto is found in a room within the Snowpeak Ruins, boiling up a potion for his wife. Link can taste samples of the soup and is progressively gets better as the dungeon goes on and new ingredients are added. After the battle with the boss of the Snowpeak Ruins, who happens to be a transformed version of Yeta, Yeto and Yeta can be seen hugging as Yeta seemingly has recovered.

Yeto and Yeta can be seen later on Peak Province and Link can challenge Yeto to an ice boarding race to the mansion. Once he beats Yeto he can challenge his wife Yeta.

The Zora are a tribe that inhabits the Zora’s Domain region of Hyrule. Some Zora can also be found within Zora’s River and Lake Hylia. The Zora are an aquatic tribe that are equipped with both lungs and gills, along them to breathe underwater.

When Link first arrives at Lake Hylia, he’ll notice that the Lake is in a serious drought and this is because the source of the water, Zora’s Domain is frozen, not allowing water to pass down to the Lake. When Link travels to Zora’s Domain he’ll see many of the Zora stuck under the frozen ice. Links helps thaw Zora’s Domain and restores the water flow to Lake Hylia. Notable Zora include Queen Rutela and Prince Ralis.