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Below is a listing of all 24 Masks located within Majora's Mask. The transformation masks are listed first, followed by when they are found in the Majora's Mask Walkthrough. The Boss Remains are listed at the bottom of the page.

Transformation Masks

Deku Mask

Main article: Deku Mask

Link is transformed into Deku Link after he lands in Termina. By retrieving the Ocarina of Time from Skull Kid and speaking with the Happy Mask Salesman, he learns the Song of Healing and transforms the curse into the Deku Mask, allowing him to transform back and forth at will. It is implied to contain the soul of the Deku Butler's Son.

Wear it to assume Deku Link form. This allows Link to interact with other Deku Scrubs, stun enemies, hop on water, use flowers to fly and well as shoot bubbles. Deku Link is weak to fire, and while he can hop across water for 5 skips, after that he will drown.

Goron Mask

Main article: Goron Mask

To get the Goron Mask, Link must play the Song of Healing for the spirit of Darmani at his grave in the Goron Graveyard.

Wear it to assume Goron Link form. This allows Link to pretend to be Darmani to other Gorons, move heavy objects, roll at speed, Goron Pound, walk on lava and punch with fists of fire.

Zora Mask

Main article: Zora Mask

To get the Zora Mask, Link must play the Song of Healing to heal the spirit of Mikau, the Indigo-Go's guitarist.

Wear it to assume Zora Link form. This allows Link to pretend to be Mikau to other Zoras, swim quickly, fight underwater and use the boomerang-like fins for combat.

Fierce Deity's Mask

Main article: Fierce Deity's Mask
  • Location: Moon
  • Can obtain: After obtaining all 20 normal masks, completing trials Inside the Moon.

To get the Fierce Deity's Mask, Link must complete the trials Inside the Moon and give all 20 normal masks to the Moon Children. The last child, wearing Majora's Mask, will give Link this mask because he has no non-transformation masks left.

Wear it to assume Fierce Deity Link form, but only in Boss rooms. This transforms Link into an adult form, armed with the powerful, two-handed Fierce Deity Sword which can deal multiple times the damage of the base Kokiri Sword, and shoot Sword Beams when Z-Targeting.

Collectible Masks

There are twenty masks in the game that do not cause Link to transform, and each has a specific purpose. While most are not required to complete the game, all of them must be collected in order to get the Fierce Deity Mask and unlock the full credits.

These masks are listed based upon when they are obtained in Zelda Dungeon's Majora's Mask Walkthrough.

Great Fairy's Mask

Main article: Great Fairy's Mask

The Great Fairy's Mask is required to collect all the Stray Fairies in the various Temples. This mask will float and shimmer when there is a Stray Fairy in the room, and make those Stray Fairies fly towards Link unless they are trapped.

To get it, grab the Stray Fairy at either the Laundry Pool (day) or East Clock Town (night) and bring it to the Great Fairy Fountain in North Clock Town in Link's normal, Hylian, form.

Kafei's Mask

Main article: Kafei's Mask

Wear this mask to ask people about Kafei as part of the Anju & Kafei Quest.

To get it, go to the Mayor's Residence on the First or Second Day between 12pm and 8pm, and enter the room on the right. Talk to Madame Aroma and accept her request to find Kafei, her missing son.

Bremen Mask

Main article: Bremen Mask

Wearing the Bremen Mask causes Link to play marching music on the Ocarina of Time, causing small animals to parade behind him. Use it at the Cucco Shack at Romani Ranch to make all the ten baby chicks grow up spontaneously, one by one. Grog will reward Link with the Bunny Hood.

To get it, go to the Laundry Pool in Clock Town during the First or Second Night and talk to Guru-Guru who is practicing there by himself. He will talk about the past and give Link the mask he stole because he doesn't need it anymore.

Kamaro's Mask

Main article: Kamaro's Mask

Wearing Kamaro's Mask allows Link to perform Kamaro's dance. If he goes to West Clock Town during the First or Second Night, he'll find the Rosa Sisters practicing. Using Kamaro's Mask to teach them his dance will earn him a Piece of Heart.

To get it, wait until around midnight, then exit Clock Town to the north and walk towards the northwest portion of Termina Field, where there are a series of mushroom-shaped rocks. One of the large ones has the ghost of Kamaro dancing on top of it. Jump over to him and play the Song of Healing to get the mask.

Blast Mask

Main article: Blast Mask

The Blast Mask works as an alternative to using Bombs. Be sure to hold Link's shield out when detonating the Blast Mask to prevent him from taking damage from the blast.

To get it, Link must go to North Clock Town around midnight on the Night of the First Day. At midnight, Sakon the Thief will appear and rob the Old Lady. Sakon will then run around North Clock Town for a few moments. Run over and slash at him to get the Bomb Bag back - note that shooting him blows the bomb bag, and Sakon, to smithereens. The Old Lady will thank and reward Link with the Blast Mask.

Bunny Hood

Main article: Bunny Hood

Wearing the Bunny Hood allows Link to run twice as fast, thus, jump twice as far! Also, wear this while playing the Postman's timing game to see the timer for the full 10 seconds, making it easier to earn a Piece of Heart.

To get it, go to the Cucco Shack at the back of Romani Ranch and use the Bremen Mask to parade the ten baby chicks around. After all of them fall into line, they will one by one grow up to full blown Cuccos. Once they are all finished, Grog will reward Link with the Bunny Hood.

*By default, Romani Ranch becomes accessible only on the Final Day. However, with a Powder Keg, Goron Link can blast away the rock that is blocking the pathway, allowing entry on the First or Second Day.

Keaton Mask

Main article: Keaton Mask

Wearing the Keaton Mask allows Link to summon a Keaton by attacking one of the circles of bushes that come to life when bothered. They are located in North Clock Town, Milk Road, and Mountain Village (in spring). The easiest of which is in North Clock Town. After they disappear, the Keaton will appear and ask his Keaton Quiz - five questions which, if answered correctly, can earn Link a Piece of Heart.

It is obtained during the Anju & Kafei quest, between noon and 6pm on the Final Day, from the Man from Curiosity Shop after first performing many of the prior required events.

Postman's Hat

Main article: Postman's Hat

Wearing the Postman's Hat allows Link to get Rupees out of the postboxes around Clock Town. The first time the postbox in East Clock Town near the exit is checked, Link will receive a Piece of Heart.

It can be obtained during the Anju & Kafei quest, after 6pm on the Final Day. After acquiring the Letter to Mama from prior events, head to the Post Office. Give the Postman the Letter to Mama, which will break him out of his panic, and cause him to express deliver it Madame Aroma at the Milk Bar. After coming out of the Milk Bar, he will stop, right near the exit of East Clock Town. Speak with him, where he'll explain that Madame Aroma has given him permission to flee, and he'll give Link the Postman's Hat before leaving town.

Mask of Truth

Main article: Mask of Truth

Wearing the Mask of Truth allows Link to read the minds of small animals (by picking them up). This can be taken advantage of at the Doggy Racetrack, as it tells Link the feelings of the race dogs, increasing his chances winning his bet. It also gives him the wherewithal to understand Gossip Stones.

To get this mask, Link must kill all 30 Gold Skulltula infesting the Spider House in the Southern Swamp. To complete this, Link must have two Magic Beans, at least one Bottle and the Sonata of Awakening. Doing so will free the man in the house from his curse, and he will give Link the Mask of Truth in thanks.

Mask of Scents

Main article: Mask of Scents

The Mask of Scents shows scents as coloured trails, similar to Wolf Link's senses in Twilight Princess. The primary use for this is to detect Magic Mushrooms in the Woods of Mystery. Battling one and bringing it to Kotake in the Magic Hags' Potion Shop will allow her to make Blue Potion, the first of which she will give to Link for free in thanks. There are also scents in other random areas, including the Bathroom of the Stock Pot Inn.

To obtain it, the Deku Princess must be taken back to the Deku Palace to confront the Deku King and free the Imprisoned Monkey. As a result, the Deku Butler will challenge Link to a race through the Deku Shrine. Keeping up with the butler all the way to the end will reward Link with the Mask of Scents.

Don Gero's Mask

Main article: Don Gero's Mask

The Don Gero's Mask allows Link to recruit the Frog Choir members to reunite them at the lake at Mountain Village after Goht is defeated and Spring returns to Snowhead.

To get it, first Link must lull the Goron Elder's Son to sleep, whereupon the torches in the room will light up. Use a Deku Stick or Fire Arrows to light up all the remaining torches found within the Goron Shrine. This will cause the chandelier at the top of the Shrine to start spinning. While wearing the Goron Mask, roll off the ledge while at full speed and break one of the pots on the chandelier. One of the pots will drop some tasty Rock Sirloin. Grab the Rock Sirloin and walk it all the way back to Mountain Village. Toss the Sirloin up to the shivering Goron atop the ledge. He will eat it and have the strength to get home. As thanks, he will give you the frog-like Don Gero's Mask he is wearing.

Romani's Mask

Main article: Romani's Mask

Wearing Romani's Mask allows Link to get into, and purchase milk at, the Latte Milk Bar in Clock Town.

To get it, speak with Romani on the First Night and come back at 2am to fend off "Them". With that successfully completed, speak with Cremia in the barn on the Second Day, when she intends to transport bottles of milk to Clock Town. However, the main path back to Termina Field is blocked off by a fence. This forces the two to instead ride through the territory of the Gorman Brothers who, wearing Garo's Masks on their faces, chase Link and Cremia and are trying to destroy the three milk bottles. If Link is able to defend Cremia and the milk with his bow for the first time, she will reward him thankfully with Romani's Mask.

Garo's Mask

Main article: Garo's Mask

The Garo's Mask is required to enter Ikana Canyon. When wearing the mask at the base of the cliff wall, the mysterious figure atop the cliff summons a dead tree Link can hookshot to. In certain areas around Ikana, it will also cause Garos to appear. Defeat them in duels to get hints. It also causes ReDeads to dance on the spot and become non-hostile.

To get it, play Epona's Song and ride Epona to the Gorman Track. Speak with the Gorman Brothers there, and they challenge Link to a race. Beat the two brothers and they will reluctantly give him a Garo's Mask. They also wear Garo's Masks as disguises when attacking Cremia's milk delivery.

Captain's Hat

Main article: Captain's Hat

Wear the Captain's Hat to speak with and command the warriors of Ikana, including the Stalchildren. Wearing it in rooms where there are ReDeads will cause them to dance on the spot, making them very easy to defeat.

To get it, play the Sonata of Awakening in Ikana Graveyard to awaken Captain Keeta, the giant skeleton. Shoot him with an arrow to stop him in his tracks and chase after him to battle with him. Once he is defeated, run up the trail and speak with him. He will then grant Link the contents of the chest behind him. After he disappears, jump to the other side using the Bunny Hood, Zora Mask, or get as close as possible and Hookshot to the chest. Open it for the Captain's Hat.

Stone Mask

Main article: Stone Mask

Pirates' Fortress (3DS)

Wear the Stone Mask to be ignored by guards that would normally throw Link out, such as those in the Deku Palace and Pirates' Fortress. It also causes Link to be ignored by many of the various enemies in the game.

The location of where to acquire the Stone Mask differs in the Nintendo 64 and Nintendo 3DS versions:

  • In the Nintendo 64 version, ride Epona into the Road to Ikana. Use the Lens of Truth to find a wounded soldier named Shiro on the ground. Speak with him and give a bottle of Red or Blue Potion. In thanks, he will give Link the Stone Mask.
  • In Majora's Mask 3D, Shiro can be found within the Pirates' Fortress instead, in the massive outdoor room where the Gerudo are patrolling back and forth. He is located near the ladder that leads to the central watch tower. Use the Lens of Truth and give him a potion as before to acquire the Stone Mask.

Circus/Troupe Leader's Mask

Main article: Troupe Leader's Mask

The Circus Leader's Mask is used to cause the Gorman Brothers to become non-hostile when helping Cremia deliver her milk to Clock Town. As obtaining the Circus Leader's Mask requires accessing the Latte Milk Bar, which is only possible after completing the Protect the Milk! quest once, this is only useful after completing it once.

In Majora's Mask 3D, the renamed Troupe Leader's Mask is also used to obtain a bottle of Mystery Milk from the Gorman Brothers to salve their brother's stomach, after which Link can keep the empty bottle.

To get it, enter the Latte Milk Bar using Romani's Mask on the First or Second Night. Stand on the stage and play each part of the song for Toto, the manager of the Indigo-Go's. Play one part with (Hylian) Link, one with Deku Link, one with Goron Link, and the fourth as Zora Link. After all four have been played, Gorman will cry from recognising the Ballad of the Wind Fish and give Link this mask in thanks.

All-Night Mask

Main article: All-Night Mask

The All-Night Mask has only one use: to listen to Anju's Grandmother's stories, which normally make Link fall asleep:

  • Listen to the first story (Carnival of Time) and choose all the top answers to receive a Piece of Heart.
  • Listen to the second story (Four Giants) and choose "I dunno" to receive another Piece of Heart.

To obtain the All-Night Mask, Link must have prevented Sakon the thief from stealing the Bomb Bag from the old lady during the cycle. With this done, the Man from Curiosity Shop will sell this mask on the Final Night from 10pm for 500 Rupees.

Gibdo Mask

Main article: Gibdo Mask

The Gibdo Mask renders Gibdos non-hostile and communicative. This is required to navigate Beneath the Well, where Link must give each Gibdo a certain type of item to proceed through the door they guard.

To get it, Link must play the Song of Storms in the Spring Water Cave, exorcising Sharp and causing the river to flow past the Music Box House, starting the music playing and driving the Gibdos away. Pamela lives inside the house and will come outside if a noise is triggered. Stand on the side of the house and use a Bomb or the Blast Mask to create a noise. Run around to the front door and enter before Pamela can make it back.

Run downstairs and Pamela's Father, partially transformed into a Gibdo, will pop out of the wardrobe. Play the Song of Healing to return him to normal and receive the Gibdo Mask.

Couple's Mask

Main article: Couple's Mask

Seeing the Couple's Mask causes Mayor Dotour to bring "The Never-Ending Meeting" in his office to an end after realising the futility of it. Talking to the relieved Dotour afterward will earn Link a Piece of Heart.

To get it, Link must complete the entire Anju & Kafei Quest. After giving Anju the Pendant of Memories to make her wait in Clock Town for Kafei, and helping Kafei himself to retrieve the Sun's Mask from Sakon's Hideout, the two will reunite in the Stock Pot Inn with only one and a half hours remaining on the Final Day. They will give their vows to each other, and the Sun and Moon's Masks merge into the Couple's Mask, which they give to Link and Tatl as their witnesses.

Giant's Mask

Main article: Giant's Mask

The Giant's Mask turns Link into a giant version of himself. It can only be used to battle Twinmold, the boss of the Stone Tower Temple, and costs magic to use.

In the Nintendo 64 version, it is obtained after defeating an Eyegore in a room just before the dungeon boss.

In the Nintendo 3DS version, it is acquired midway through the boss battle with Twinmold, after defeating the first of the two bosses.

Unwearable Masks

Listed below are the remains obtained after defeating each of the four main bosses, and the two Anju/Kafei quest masks which merge into the Couple's Mask.

Odolwa's Remains

Main article: Odolwa's Remains

Odolwa's Remains is an unwearable boss mask in Majora's Mask. The remains are the main reward for defeating the boss of Woodfall Temple, Odolwa. Like the other boss remains, it is worn by one of the Moon Children, and becomes hostile during the fight with Majora's Mask.

Goht's Remains

Main article: Goht's Remains

Goht's Remains is an unwearable boss mask in Majora's Mask. The remains are the main reward for defeating the boss of Snowhead Temple, Goht. Like the other boss remains, it is worn by one of the Moon Children, and becomes hostile during the fight with Majora's Mask.

Gyorg's Remains

Main article: Gyorg's Remains

Gyorg's Remains is an unwearable boss mask in Majora's Mask. It is the reward for defeating Gyorg at the end of the Great Bay Temple. Like the other boss remains, it is worn by one of the Moon Children, and becomes hostile during the fight with Majora's Mask.

Twinmold's Remains

Main article: Twinmold's Remains

Twinmold's Remains is an unwearable boss mask in Majora's Mask. The remains are the main reward for defeating the boss of Stone Tower Temple, Twinmold. Like the other boss remains, it is worn by one of the Moon Children, and becomes hostile during the fight with Majora's Mask.

Moon's Mask

Main article: Moon's Mask

The Moon's Mask is an unobtainable mask in Majora's Mask. It is one half of the Couple's Mask that can only be obtained through the Anju and Kafei Quest. The Moon's Mask was created by Anju for the wedding of the two lovers, and its counterpart is the Sun's Mask which is stolen by Sakon. When the two combine, they form the Couple's Mask.

Sun's Mask

Main article: Sun's Mask
  • Location: Stock Pot Inn
  • Can obtain: During the Anju and Kafei Side Quest

The Sun Mask is an unobtainable mask in Majora's Mask. It is one half of the Couple's Mask that can only be obtained through the Anju and Kafei Quest. The Sun's Mask was created by Kafei for the wedding of the two lovers, but was stolen by Sakon, and its counterpart is the Moon's Mask. When the two combine, they form the Couple's Mask.