Clock Town

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Clock Town
View of South Clock Town



Central Termina


Clock Town is a busy city with many inhabitants all knowing of their impending doom of the Moon is due to fall and annihilate their town, their lives, and crush all that's within, in three days time. This place is introduced in Majora's Mask, where it makes its only appearance. The town is divided into four parts: North Clock Town, East Clock Town, South Clock Town, and West Clock Town. With many side quests and touching stories, this town is one of the liveliest in the series. Link finds himself coming back to this town frequently to deposit his Rupees into the bank, completing side quests, and since it is the spawning location for when Link saves, Link returns here after playing the Song of Time. Link becomes very familiar with its people and design. Clock Town is in the center of the map of Termina. To the south there is the region of Woodfall, to the north lies the snowy mountains of Snowhead, situated to the west Link can find the sandy shores of Great Bay while to the east lies the region of Ikana.

The list below indicates key locations within Clock Town.

North Clock Town

North Clock Town is the smallest out of the four main areas of the town. It contains no actual residences, but there is a large slide and other secrets. The Great Fairy's Fountain is here, as well as the Deku Scrub Playground. A circle of bushes begin moving if Link strikes them, and if he wears the Keaton Mask, a Keaton appears. Jim, the leader of The Bombers, likes to hang out here and try to knock down a balloon with a picture of Majora's Mask. Link can begin the Bomber's Hide and Seek game here in order to become a member. In addition, the Blast Mask is obtained here at night, if Link catches the thief Sakon. The delusional, self proclaimed fairy, Tingle, is also seen floating around in this area.

At the north of the area is an exit, leading out to Termina Field, right next to Snowhead Mountain and Goron Village.

Two Heart Pieces are found here. Two more can be found if Link chooses to complete certain tasks, or they can be obtained in another area.

East Clock Town

East Clock Town is one of two of the business areas of Clock Town. It is a large area, where, during the day, two men are seen juggling. A Stray Fairy can be found here during the nighttime hours. The Bomber's Secret Underground passage can be entered through here as well if one knows the password. It leads to the Astral Observatory.


South Clock Town

South Clock Town is the first area of town Link sees in Majora's Mask. The Clock Tower is situated here. A Business Scrub is found in the west of the area, where Link can trade a Moon's Tear for the use of the Deku Flower. Clock Town's Owl Statue is also here. In the center of the area, the Carpenters are building the tower for the Carnival of Time.

Link can also access the Laundry Pool from South Clock Town. This is the entryway to the Curiosity Shop Back Room (Kafei's Hideout), a frog that can be spoken to with the Don Gero's Mask, and the Clock Town Stray Fairy during the day. Link can also get the Bremen Mask here from Guru-Guru, and he can briefly speak with Anju during one of the nights.

In Majora's Mask 3D, the Clock Tower was moved forward, away from the passage to North Clock Town, and the Clock Town Bank relocated from West Clock Town into the newly-accessible back of the Clock Tower.


West Clock Town

Like East Clock Town, West Clock Town primarily specializes in businesses. At night, the Rosa Sisters are found dancing, and Link can receive a Piece of Heart from them if he wears Kamaro's Mask.