Trial of Thunder

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Trial of Thunder



Arrive at the Thundra Plateau


Place Orbs in Proper Pedestals


Trial of Thunder is a Shrine Quest from Breath of the Wild.

Begin the Quest

When Link arrives at the Thundra Plateau, located just west of the Ridgeland Tower, this will begin the shrine quest. Until Link reaches this area and completes the shrine quest, it will continuously be thunderstorming. Thus, Link will need to have Shock Resistance, or he must unequip his electrified weapons.


The objective here is to get the four colored orbs onto the plateau and into their corresponding statue foot pedestals.

  • The Purple Orb is already on the plateau next to its appropriate slot.
  • The Green Orb is also on the plateau already, found on a tall statue next to its slot. Use Stasis on the orb and then shoot it with a couple arrows to knock it down.
  • The Red Orb is located just east of the plateau. Link lift up the orb and place it on the other side of the ledge, closer to the plateau. From here, Link will need to use Stasis and build up enough energy to knock onto the plateau.
  • The Orange Orb is located just north of the plateau, way up on a higher structure. If Link cannot reach it using Revali's Gale, he can knock it down with Stasis and an Arrow. Then he can carry the orb to the platform just northeast of the plateau and use Stasis and some kinetic energy to launch it onto the plateau.

Once all four orbs are on the plateau, place them in their correct positions. The Toh Yahsa Shrine will appear and complete the quest.

Toh Yahsa Shrine

Main article: Toh Yahsa Shrine

To complete shrine, blowup all the boulders in the shrine with some Bombs. Then position the large metal block so that you can climb on top of it, and then up the staircase. Climb up a second staircase and then use Magnesis to grab the block and place it on the massive floor switch that is underneath the alter.

There is a treasure chest beneath the entrance, behind the blocks and it contains the Rubber Armor. A second treasure chest is found on the right and Link can knock it down by using Magnesis on the large metal block or the already opened treasure chest. This chest contains an Opal gem.