Bombs- Are given to Link by Queen Ambi as a reward after Link gives her the Mystery Seeds. Bombs are used the same as they've been used in every other Zelda games. Place them in certain places to blow up walls. They can also be used to defeat enemies.
Bomb Bag- Located west of Restoration Wall. In the past position the seed to grow on the left part of the wall. Return in the present to climb the vines. Make sure that you have the water lowered on the left side in the past. Throw a bomb in the pond and say that you dropped regular bombs there and you will recieve the Bomb Bag, which allows Link to carry 30 bombs.
Bomb Flower- Link gets the Bomb Flower as a reward from the Gorons after he eliminates the Great Moblin from Rolling Ridge. The Bomb Flower can be used to blow up the huge rock that is on-top of the Goron Elder.
Book of Seals- In the present, go into the Library and talk to the man in the second room and he will give you the Book of Seals. Used to solve the hidden floor puzzle in the past.
Brother Emblem- When you play the Goron Dancing game in either the Past or Present and you win for the first time, the Brother Embrem is the reward. This will allow you to pass by some of the Gorons as they will think of you as a brother.
Cheval Rope- Found under Chevals Tomb. After Link gets the Flippers from Chevals tomb swim to the top part of the tomb and the Cheval Rope is easily found. Give the Rope to Rafton, and he will begin constructing the Raft, but you cant ride it until you get the Island Chart.
Crown Key- After Link gives the Bomb FLower to the Gorons in the past that are trying to dig-up the GOron Elder. THey use the bomb flower to blow up the boulder and save the Goron Elder. As a reward the Goron Elder gives link the Crown Key, which will allow Link to enter Crown Dungeon.
FairyPowder- Return to the same area where you got the Book of Seals, but this time in the Past. The floor dark and you cannot see it. Use the book on the other books around the room and it will tell you the correct directions on the Floore. At the end of the line is the Fairy Powder. It is used to cure the Fairy.
Flute- Link can get the Flute in a few different ways. Depending on the way that Link gets the Flute, he might get a different friend to come along with him. Either, Dimitri, Moosh, or Ricky. When Link uses the Flute he will call over one of his friends and will be able to use him however he needs to.
Gasha Nut- When you plant a Gasha Seed and return after waiting a long time, the Gasha Seed will grow into a tree and a Gasha Nut will grow. Hit it with your sword to get it. Open it to find a reward in it. There are a lot of different things that are inside the Gasha Nuts.
Gasha Seed- Found all over the Land in both the past in present. They are found in the overworld, in dungeons, or rewards for beating mini-games. Plant these in soft soil and return after a long time and they will grow giving off Gasha Nuts.
Goronade- Link gets the Goronade when he gives the Goron Vase to the Goron guarding the stairs in the Past. Link can gjve the Goronade to the goron who owns the Big Bang game. When Link gives him the Goronade it will wake him up and he will give link one free game at the Bomb game.
Goron Vase- Recieved when Link gives the Rock Brisket to the Goron who is guarding the steps in the Present. The Goron Vase can be given to the Goron guarding the stairs in the Past. In return, the goron will give Link, Goronade.
Graveyard Key- This item is needed to get into the graveyard and to Spirit's Cave. It is found under a tree on the same screen as Spirits Cave. On the left side of the barrier burn the bottom tree with ember seeds. Go inside and light the torches to get the Key.
Harp of Ages- Item that controls Time travel. It is found in Nayrus house and can be found once Link gets the Power Bracelet. Link will learn different tunes that he can play on the harp.
Huge Maku Seed- After Link collects all eight essences, go to the Maku Tree in the Present and The Maku Tree will give link the Huge Maku Seed. The Seed is used to find the correct door in Black Tower. It is needed to complete the game.
Island Chart- Is given to Link from Tingle. After Link gives Ricky his gloves and is able to ride on his back, go down a screen and left a screen. You can now hop up the cliffs. Hop up and go around until you reach Tingle. Jump and slash his balloon and talk with him to get the Island Chart. This will let Link use the Raft to sail the sees.
Lava Juice- The first prize for the Goron target game. Link must play a Baseball type game. Balls will be throw at link and he must deflect them at certain colored statues to gain points. Eventually is traded for the Letter of Introduction.
Letter of Introduction- Link gets this by trading the Lava Juice to a Goron who is located in the first room of a cave at the far top-right of the land in the past. The Letter of Introduction shows that Link knows the Goron that knows the Graceful Goron.
Library Key- Save the Zora King by giving him the Medicine and he will reward you with the Library Key. It seems pretty obvious, but the Library Key is used to open the Library.
Long Switch- Version 2 of the Switch Hook. It does everything the same as the Switch Hook accept it travels further. It is the main treasure in Jabu-Jabu's Belly.
Mermaid Key- Give the Letter of Introduction to the Goron who runs the Goron dancing game in the present. Afterwords play the Dancing game and if you win, you will recieve Mermaids Key. This Key will let Link enter Mermaids Cave in the present.
Mermaid Key (Old)- After Link gets the Goronade, Link can go and give the Goronade to the Goron who is tired and cannot run his game because he is so tired. Giving him the Goronade will wake him up and he'll give you a free game. You are in a room where each part of the ground is moving in different directions and bombs are being thrown at Link. Use ROcks Feather and the Pegasus Seeds to avoid the bombs. Afterwords recieve your prie, the Old Mermaid Key. It will allow Link to enter Mermaids Cave in the past.
Mermaid Suit- The main treasure in Mermaids Cave. This will allow Link to swim in deep water. Will allow link to go far underwater.
Power Bracelet- Found inside Spirit's Cave. This item allows link to pick-up and throw bushes, stones, and pots.
Power Glove- Found inside the last dungeon, Ancient Tomb. The Power Glove is a bit stronger than the Poewr Bracelet. Link can now lift bigger items.
Ricky's Gloves- Ricky the hopping Kangaroo lost his gloves. From the spot where you saw Ricky, go down once, left once, down twice, and left twice. Dig up some of the boulders on this screen with the shovel to find the gloves. Go back to Ricky and he will let you hop in his back and you can hop around to places that couldn't be reached before. Ricky leads Link to the Island Chart.
Ring- Found all throughout the land. They are found outside, in dungeons, past and present. Each ring does something different. Go to the Jewelery Store in the Present and let him appraise the Rings that you get. He will tell you what each ring does and you can wear them to have those powers.
Ring Box- When Link first goes to the Jewelery Store, the Jewler will give Link the Ring Box. It is used so Link can wear all the different rings that he finds and gets appraised.
Rock Brisket- Is the first prize that Link can win in the Goron Cart Game. The Rock Brisket can be given to the Goron who is guarding the stairs in the Present. In return the Goron will give you the Goron Vase.
Roc's Feather- Found in Wing Dungeon. Rocks Feather gives Link the ability to jump. Link can now jump over one square. Item is used to reach places that before weren't reachable.
Scent Seedling- In the game on Crescent Island where Link throws the meat at the Tokay. Link then can go to the Past on Crescent Island and plant the Seedling near the north-east part of the Island. When Link returns there in the future, the tree will be fully grown with Scent Seeds.
Seed Sachel- Given to Link by the Maku Tree after you save the tree in the past and return in the present. The Seed sachel will hold several different kinds of seeds.
Seed Sachel (Upgrade)- After Link defeats the third dungeon. Go back and visit Tingle once again and he will upgrade your seed sachel so you can now carry 50 of each seed.
Seed Shooter- Found inside the third dungeon, Moonlit Grotto, the Seed Shooter allows link to shoot all the different seeds that he gets. Link can also use it to hit switches that are out of his reach.
Seeds (Ember)- These seeds are given to link along with the Seed Sachel from the Maku Tree. They allow link to burn down trees and light torches.
Seeds (Gale)- This set of seeds will allow Link to travel a lot faster. Using the seeds he can instantly travel to the different trees that have the seeds on them. You can also use this on enemies to blow them away.
Seeds (Mystery)- The Mystery Seeds are found in the Forest. Queen Ambi wanted the seeds as well. Once Link gets the seeds he gives them to Queen Ambi in return for bombs. Mystery seeds can be spread on different ogjects throughout the game. If used on certain people or things hints for your quest will be given.
Seeds (Pegasus)- The Pegasus Seeds are found at the top-left of Rolling Ridge in the past. When Link uses the Pegasus Seeds, he can run a lot faster. Using a combination of Pegasus Seeds and Rocs Feather will allow Link to jump over holes that are two spaces wide. Good for avoiding enemies as well.
Seeds (Scent)- Using these on certain enemies will attract them. It only works on a select few enemeies though.
Shield1 (Wooden Shield)- Can be purchased in several locations in the Forest. The shield is used to protect link. Though the shield is used mainly for defence, for certain enemies its the only item that will harm them.
Shield2 (Iron Shield)- After you have the Mermaid Suit Link can get the Iron Shield. Go to the tree in the past that has Ember Seeds. Head down a screen and go into the water. Dive underwater and swim down three screens, right one screen, and down two more screens. Go to the farthest right that you can go. Come back to the surface and go into the cave. swim around and talk to the Tokey and recieve the Iron Shield.
Shovel- Is given to Link by a worker in Black Tower. The Shovel will allow Link to dig in the ground to find lots of different items. It will also let Link access new areas by digging out rocks and stones.
Slate- There are four slates in the final dungeon, Ancient Tomb. The 4 slates are used to get to the same floor as the dungeon boss.
Switch Hook- Found inside Skull Dungeon, the switchook is similar to the hookshot which is found in just about all other Zelda games. When you use the switchook on an item or an enemy it swaps the location of Link and the enemy or the item. The switchook is usefull for moving rocks or placing rocks on top of switches.
Sword1 (Wooden Sword)- The Wooden Sword is given to Link by Impa after Nayru's goes through the portal to the past at the very begining of the game. The sword is Links basic weapon and is the most used of all of links items. The Wooden Sword is the weakest of all the swords that link gets.
Sword2 (Noble Sword)- In the past go all the way around again the climb up Restoration Wall and speak with the man in the cave at the top. He will fix the Broken Sword if you participate in his ceremony. This time the ceremony is a bit harder. There are eight beetles instead of four. Once you kill one beetle another one will appear in the center of the screen. Be sure to step on the switch when the cart comes near the top. Kill the eight beetles and recieve the Noble Sword.
Tokey Eyeball- On the Pirate Ship, give the Zora Scale to the captain on the boat and in return he will give you the Tokey Eyeball. The Tokey Eyeball can be placed in the statue on crescent island in the past. The statue is on the left side of Crescent Island. It is missing an eyeball. After placing the eyeball you can enter and the path leads you to the 8th level, Ancient Tomb.
Tuni Nut (Broken)- Found in Symmetry Village. Talk to the man in the house at the top-right of the village. He will talk about how the Village isn't balanced unless the Tuni Nut is fixed and is in the center of the village and gives it to you so you can get it fixed.
Tuni Nut (Fixed)- Link climbs up Restoration wall and goes into the cave located at the top. If you play the guys ceremony game, he will fix the Tuni Nut. Now Link can place it in the center of Symmestry Village so he can restore the village and enter the fourth dungeon.
Zora's Flippers- Found under Cheval's Tomb. The flippers will allow Link to swim in all accept the deep water.
ZoraScale- After you beat Jabu-Jabu's Belly, a Zora will give you the Zora Scale as a reward for saving their Village. The Zora Scale allows you to enter certain areas. The Zora Scale is also traded for the Tokey Eyeball.