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Malo Mart

Malo Mart is a store chain, originating in Kakariko Village, that is opened by Malo in Twilight Princess. The first shop, the one in Kakariko Village, is opened by Malo once Link has restored light to the Eldin Province. Malo, using the old general store, opens up the shop. Later on in the game, Malo decides he wants to expand, so he raises Rupees in order to first fix the bridge that connects Castle Town to the Eldin Province and second buy out the shop in Castle Town that has been offering extremely high prices on all its merchandise. Once this has been completed, Malo opens the Malo Mart Castle Branch where the old shop used to be. Malo Mart also plays a key role in the Magic Armor side quest that allows Link the option of purchasing the Magic Armor. Malo also sells the Hylian Shield for 200 Rupees and the Hawkeye for 100 Rupees after Link completes Talo's challenge to shoot various targets around Kakariko Village, and a pole at the very top of the village. If Link completes the challenge without the Hawkeye, he gets a Piece of Heart. After purchasing the Hawkeye and the Hylian Shield, Malo Mart sells Red Potion for 30 Rupees, the Wooden Shield for 50 Rupees, and Arrows for 30 Rupees.


Kakariko Village Location

Name Price (Rupees) Prerequisite(s)
Hawkeye-HH.png Hawkeye 100 Complete "Talo's challenge"
Hylian-Shield-Twilight-Princess.png Hylian Shield 200 None
Red Potion(TP).png Red Potion 30 None
Wooden Shield(TP).png Wooden Shield 50 None

Castle Town Location

  • The Castle Town Location opens up only after the repair of the Damaged Castle Town Bridge. A text walkthrough of this process can be found here. In the Wii version the shop in in the southwest quadrant of Castle Town's central square.
Name Price (Rupees)
Arrow-TP.png Arrows (10) 5
Bomb-thumb.png Bombs (30) 45
Bombling.png Bomblings (10) 30
Blue-Potion.png Blue Potion 50
MagicArmour.png Magic Armor 598 or 998
Red Potion(TP).png Red Potion 15
Water-Bomb.png Water Bombs (15) 45