Castle Town West Road

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Castle Town West Road

The Castle Town West Road is a location that appears in Twilight Princess. It is a sub-division of Castle Town, and is located on the west (Wii) side of the town. It is the smallest secrion of Castle Town housig only one openable building.

Points of Interest

There is only one Point of Interest located in this area of Castle Town.

Medical Clinic

Main article: Medical Clinic

The Medical Clinic is the local hospital of Castle Town. It is ran by Dr. Borville, and is only visited once in the entire game. In order to restore Ilia's memory, Link must show the Invoice to the doctor, and after learning the Doctor can't pay it off, he learns that Dr. Borville had kept the Wooden Statue that Ilia had, but spilled Medicine on it. To get rid of the smell, he put it outside, but it was stolen. Link can learn the Medicine Scent in Wolf form and follow the scent.