Milk Road

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Milk Road

The Milk Road is a location featured in Majora's Mask.[1] The road is situated in an area in the southwest corner of Termina Field between Great Bay and Woodfall. The road itself is nothing more than a dusty pathway that branches outwards to the Gorman Brothers' Racetrack[2] and Romani Ranch.[3] The only notable inhabitants of this area are Tingle and Keaton.


When Link first enters the area, his initial path is blocked by a giant boulder.[4] One of Mutoh's workers is currently chipping away at the large rock.[5] However, he says he won't be able to remove the rock until another day.[6] If Link wants to retrieve Epona from the ranch, then he must access the location before the end of the First Day. To do this, Link must obtain a Powder Keg and place it in front of the boulder, thus clearing the path. To the eastern section of the road lies the Gorman Track, which Link must access in order to obtain the Garo's Mask from the Gorman Brothers.[7]

Link also encounters the delusional fairy, Tingle, along the road. Link can purchase two maps from Tingle here. Link can purchase the map of Romani Ranch for 20 Rupees and the map of Great Bay for a slightly higher price of 40 Rupees.[8] Link can also find Keaton within the vicinity of the road. This is one of three locations in which the strange creature is located, the others being North Clock Town and the Mountain Village. Link must don the Keaton Mask and slash near the tall grass in order to make Keaton appear. Keaton then asks Link a series of questions related to the game. If Link answers all the questions correctly, then he is gifted with a Piece of Heart.


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