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Zora Link



Zora Link is the form that Link takes when wearing the Zora Mask.

Created from the spirit of the Zora guitarist, Mikau, when he dons the Zora Mask this is the third form that Link can change into during the game. Link gets this mask after finding Mikau injured in the waters of Great Bay, pushes him to shore, and soothes his spirit with the Song of Healing which effectively forms his essence into the Zora Mask.

Abilities and Moves

  • In this form, Link is vulnerable to fire and ice and his speed in water is increased dramatically. Link can utilize the Zora's natural ability to breathe underwater and can walk on the ground underneath the water in order to attack.
  • Using the fins, Link can attack enemies with a mixture of punches and kicks as well as use them as boomerang-like weapons.
  • With magic, Link can create an electrical forcefield that can damage enemies as well as defend him.


His version of the Ocarina of Time is the Guitar of Waves. This is the instrument that Mikau played as a member of The Indigo-Go's band. This instrument is also required to give effect to the New Wave Bossa Nova melody, vital to help Lulu and to gain access to the Great Bay Temple.