Woods of Mystery

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The Woods of Mystery is a forested area located in the Woodfall region of Termina in Majora's Mask. The woods are very puzzling and there is a distinct path that one has to take, otherwise they are returned to the entrance. These woods bear a very similar resemblance to the Lost Woods from Ocarina of Time. There is only one enemy that appears within this location and this is the Snapper.


Link comes upon this area when exploring the Southern Swamp. When he enters the vicinity, he is greeted by a Monkey, who tells the young hero to follow him. Link carefully navigates through the puzzling layout of the woods until he sees an injured Koume, who was out to pick mushrooms for her sister, but was suddenly attacked by the menacing Skull Kid.[1] After visiting Koume's sister Kotake, Link returns and gives Koume a Red Potion.[2][3] The now revived Koume now returns to her job at the Swamp Tourist Center, where she runs boat tours. This allows Link access to the next area in the Swamp.[4]




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