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Blue Devalant sprite



A Link to the Past
Desert Palace
Four Swords Adventures
Desert of Doubt
Desert Temple
A Link Between Worlds
Desert Palace


Devalants are recurring enemies in The Legend of Zelda series.

A Link to the Past

Devalants are worm-like enemies with large pincers that live in the Desert Palace.

Blue Devalant


Blue Devalant create sinkholes in the sand that can suck Link in if he gets too close. If Link gets caught in the sinkhole, he will have to kill that Blue Devalant to escape. Coming into contact with a Devalant will do a full heart of damage. After a short while the Devalant will burrow back underground, much like that of the Leevers that also reside within the Desert Palace. Unlike Leevers, Blue Devalant do not change the location where they are burrowed and instead will just pop back up from underground in the exact same spot. Two slashes with the Fighter's Sword will defeat these creatures.

Alternatively, Link can defeat a Devalant from a distance with one shot from the Ice Rod or the Bow and Arrow.

Red Devalant


Red Devalants are almost identical to their blue counterparts as they will pop-up and burrow underground in set locations within the Desert Palace. Unlike other enemies in A Link to the Past with multiple color variations, Red Devalant are no stronger than the Blue Devalant and will still take just two sword slashes to defeat.

The only difference between the color variations is the Red Devalant have the ability to shoot fireballs. Each time it comes up from underground, the Devalant will shoot three fireballs before burrowing back underground. These fireballs can do quite a bit of damage, considering Link cannot block them with his Fighter's Shield. If Link gets stuck within the sinkhole, the Devalant can hit Link with consecutive hits. Each hit from a fireball will do a 1/2 heart of damage.

Four Swords Adventures

In this game, Devalants can be found in Desert of Doubt and Desert Temple. Like A Link to the Past, they hide within sinkholes that the Links can fall into. Sometimes the Devalants' sinkholes lead to underground caverns that the Links must then escape to return to the surface. These caverns may also contain treasure.

A Link Between Worlds

These enemies are encountered almost exclusively within the Desert Palace. The first Devalant appears as the Mini-Boss of the dungeon. Unlike previous games, the Sand Rod is needed to defeat these enemies. It can be used to bring the enemy out of the sand, exposing them to attacks from a sword.

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