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This article is about the cloud-like enemy in A Link to the Past. For the mummy-like enemy appearing throughout the series, see Gibdo.

Gibos are enemies from A Link to the Past and A Link Between Worlds.

A Link to the Past


Gibos are found exclusively within Thieves' Town, the fourth dungeon of the Dark World. The Gibo consists of two parts, the core of its body, as well as the surrounding membrane. The core of the Gibo will separate, trying to attack Link in the process. After it settles, the membrane of Gibo will then rejoin its body.

While the core of the Gibo and the membrane are together, Link is unable to harm this creature. It is only when the core separates from the membrane that the Gibo becomes vulnerable. It will take two direct swipes from Link's Master Sword to defeat these creatures. Alternatively, Link can shoot a Gibo with his Bow and Arrow and defeat it with one direct hit.

If Link comes into contact with either the core of the Gibo or its membrane, he will take a full heart of damage.

A Link Between Worlds

Gibos in A Link Between Worlds look and act exactly like their predecessors from A Link to the Past. They consist of two parts; a small pink core surrounded by a larger membrane. While the pink core is inside the membrane, the Gibo cannot be defeated.

To attack, the Gibo will shoot the pink core at Link, which can inflict damage. This also leaves the core vulnerable to attacks from the Master Sword. Once the core is defeated, the membrane will be destroyed as well.