Red Biri

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In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
Japan 日本語 ビリ
France Française Biri
Spain Español Biri
Germany Deutsch Zappelqualle
Italy Italiana Cnidiri

Red Biri are recurring enemies in The Legend of Zelda series. They are one of the variants of the Biri, along with Purple Biri and Yellow Biri.

A Link to the Past

Red Biri are first encountered within the Dark Palace. They do not make natural appearances, but rather, they appear after Link has defeated a Red Bari. If Link strikes the Red Bari with the Master Sword or a number of basic attacks, the Red Bari splits into two smaller Red Biris.

Biris have almost all the same attributes as their larger Bari counterparts. They resemble that of a floating jellyfish, with their bodies continuously bouncing around. They occasionally give off an electric shock, harming Link if he comes into contact. If Link comes into contact with a Biri, a full heart of damage will be done. If Link tries to slash at a Biri while it is electrified, again, a full heart of damage will be done.

Link can easily defeat these enemies from a distance using a number of projectile weapons. The Beam Blade from Link's Master Sword defeats a Biri with one shot. Alternatively, Link can get rid of these foes with the Hookshot.

A Link Between Worlds

Red Biri in A Link Between Worlds are nearly identical to their A Link to the Past counterparts where they will split into two after Link strikes a Red Bari. Red Bari first appear in the House of Gales. Two other variants of Biri appear in A Link Between Worlds, including Purple Biri and Yellow Biri.