Blue Tunic

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Blue Tunic



Link's Awakening
Color Dungeon
Ocarina of Time
Zora's Domain


300 Rupees (Ocarina of Time Zora Shop)


Link's Awakening
Defense ×2
Ocarina of Time
Ability to breathe underwater


The Blue Tunic is a special tunic that is only obtainable in Link's Awakening and Ocarina of Time. However, the tunic has a different effect on Link in each game.


Link's Awakening

"You've got the Blue Clothes! Your damage will be reduced by half![1]"

— In-Game Description
Blue Tunic Sprite

In Link's Awakening, the Blue Tunic serves a completely different purpose than in Ocarina of Time. Firstly, it is not required to complete the game and is optional to acquire. Link can only get this tunic in the DX version of this game in the Color Dungeon. After completing the dungeon, the Great Fairy gives Link an option to have more power or defense.[2] The Blue Tunic grants him double defense, while the Red Tunic doubles his attack. As a result of the game not having the ability to show damages of quarter a heart, it is advisable to choose the Blue Tunic, making Link invincible to all enemies who do damages of half a heart.

Ocarina of Time

Main article: Zora Tunic

Link acquires the Zora Tunic from King Zora in return for unfreezing him. Link can also purchase one from the Zora Shop for a fee of 300 Rupees. This tunic allows Link to breathe and survive underwater. In addition, this tunic gains him access to the Water Temple.


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  2. "Red for offense, blue for defense. Which do you choose? RED BLUE" — Great Fairy, Link's Awakening DX.