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Endura Carrot
Endura Carrot.png




30 Rupees


Restoring 2 Hearts

Endura Carrot is a material found in Breath of the Wild and Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity.

Breath of the Wild

"Highly valued as a medicinal plant, this carrot contains large amounts of nourishing energy. When cooked into a dish, it boosts your stamina beyond its maximum limit."

— In-game description

Endura Carrots are routinely found near Great Fairy Fountains, and can be occasionally found in grassy areas of Hyrule, such as in the Faron region. Endura Carrots will restore 2 hearts when eaten raw, and become a Roasted Endura Carrot if dropped on an open fire, which will restore more, but without any bonus effects.

Their main use is in Recipes, where they restore and overfill the Stamina Wheel with Temporary Stamina. When given to a horse, it will gain 3 extra stamina spurs, which disappear after use.

There are only 30 Endura Carrots in Hyrule, growing in places considered sacred:

After reviving the first horse for Link as gratitude for being released, Malanya requires one Endura Carrot per horse to revive them henceforth.[1]

Age of Calamity

"Highly valued as a medicinal plant, this carrot contains large amounts of nourishing energy."

— In-game description


First-Clear Rewards:

Battlefield-Specific Materials:







  1. I feel that there is respect in your heart... If you can bring me something, I would consider helping you once more. (...) A kind of carrot... One I've only eaten once in all my many years... an Endura Carrot! I make it look easy, but it takes a lot of energy to revive horses. Sometimes I just need a boost before I undo DEATH! So are you going to hand over an Endura Carrot? - Malanya