Elemental Uproar

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Elemental Uproar


Recommended Level Lv. 41 - Lv. 50:
Challenge 25





Battlefield-Specific Materials


First Clear: Ethereal Stone (1), Hearty Durian (15), Rupees (500), Random Weapon


Any Three Unlocked Warriors

Recommended Level

Lv. 47

"Perhaps as a result of Calamity Ganon's influence, various fire, ice, and electric monsters have gathered. Take advantage of the monsters' weak points to wipe them out quickly."

— In-game description

Elemental Uproar is a challenge scenario of Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, unlocked by completing the Zora Mettle challenge.

Play as any three warriors and fight off the elemental enemies. Each warrior will need to capture one of the three outposts, which are guarded by weaker elemental enemies. Next, nine larger enemies will need to be defeated, which includes two Fire Moblins, two Electric Moblins, and two Ice Moblins. This will leave three major enemies remaining, including an Igneo Talus, Ice Hinox, and Electric Lynel. Defeat all enemies to complete the challenge.

  • Victory Condition: Defeat the elementally infused monsters
  • Defeat Condition: No defeat conditions


  • Capture the Outposts
  • Defeat the elementally infused monsters


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