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Star Fragment
Star Fragments as they appear in Breath of the Wild



Fallen from the sky at night


50 Rupees (Spirit Tracks)
300 Rupees (Breath of the Wild)


Enhancing Armor; bonus effects in recipes


Star Fragments are a material from Spirit Tracks, Tri Force Heroes and Breath of the Wild.


Spirit Tracks

"A sparkly stone that fell from the sky. It's said to be a piece of a star."

— In-Game Description
Star Fragment as it appears in Spirit Tracks.
In Other Languages[show]
Language Name Description Sell Price
France Française Fragment d'étoile Cette pierre scintillante serait un morceau d'étoile tombé du ciel. 50 Rupees

Star Fragments are a type of Treasure. They appear as a sphere with rounded spikes, and sell for 50 Rupees.

Tri Force Heroes

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Star Fragment as it appears in Tri Force Heroes.

Star Fragments are a material in Tri Force Heroes.

Breath of the Wild

"A mysterious stone fragment that fell from the sky. It looks like it would fetch a good price, but you may able to use it in certain recipes as well."

— In-Game Description

Star Fragments are one of the rarest materials found in Breath of the Wild, and may fall from the sky at night. The impact site - and therefore the location of the fragment - is indicated by a glowing beacon that will disappear at 5 AM. Additionally, a special sound can be heard near the impact site of the shooting star. The fragments freeze on place when they touch the ground, which can happen on a slope, and unfreeze once the player approaches them, causing the fragments to fall down the slope. Approaching the fragment also causes the beacon light to disappear.

Star Fragments can be sold at a price of 300 Rupies, and can be used as ingredients for recipes to yield to guarantee bonus effects on recipes.

You are most likely to spot shooting stars during a Blood Moon, and doubly so from the tops of the Great Plateau & Lake Towers, along with the Southern Dueling Peak. This item can additionally be acquired as: loot from Silver Lynels and Gold enemies (Master Mode only); rewards for a few side quests, such as My Hero and Balloon Flight; or in hidden Treasure Chests throughout Hyrule.

A total of 16 fragments are needed for upgrades in the base game. The Star Fragment can be used to upgrade the following base-game items:

With all amiibo armor pieces, there are an additional 74 Star Fragments needed for upgrades. These armor pieces are listed below: