Megaton Hammer

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Megaton Hammer
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Smash rusty switches as well as red boulders

In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
Japan 日本語 メガトンハンマー
France Française Masse des Titans (Mass of the Titans)
Spain Español Martillo Megatón
Germany Deutsch Stahlhammer (Steel Hammer)
Italy Italiana Martello Megaton

The Megaton Hammer is an item in Ocarina of Time. It is a massive hammer that allows Link to smash enemies and hit the ground. It was first used by the Hero of the Gorons in order to slay the dragon Volvagia.[1][2]

The Megaton Hammer is a rather slow weapon, but can be used in place of the Master Sword and Biggoron's Sword. Due to its large size, however, Link must use both hands and is open to attack as a defense item cannot be used. Its main use is to smash rusty switches as well as red boulders found throughout Hyrule and particularly on Death Mountain. The Megaton Hammer also performs many of the same functions as bombs with its ability to break impeding boulders.

This item is found in the Fire Temple, the fifth dungeon of the game. Link uses this item to slay Volvagia once more. Darunia is subsequently revealed as one of the Seven Sages, the Sage of Fire.



  1. "Who's there? Is that you, Link...? Oh, it really is Link! You've grown so big since I last saw you! I want to have a man-to-man talk with you, but now's not the time. Ganondorf is causing trouble on Death Mountain again! He has revived the evil, ancient dragon Volvagia! On top of that, he is going to feed my people to that evil dragon as a warning to other races that might resist him... If that fire-breathing dragon escapes from the mountain, all of Hyrule will become a burning wasteland! I will go on ahead to try to seal up the evil dragon... I'm concerned, though, because I don't have the legendary hammer... But I have no choice. Link...I'm asking you to do this as my Sworn Brother... While I'm trying to deal with the dragon, please save my people! The prisoners' cells are in the opposite direction. I'm counting on you, Link!" — Darunia, Ocarina of Time.
  2. "A long time ago there was an evil dragon named Volvagia living in this mountain. That dragon was very scary! He ate Gorons! Using a huge hammer, the hero of the Gorons... BOOOM! Destroyed it just like that. This is a myth from long ago, but it's true! I know, because my dad is a descendant of the hero!" — Link the Goron, Ocarina of Time.