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"At the foot of the Hebra Mountains lies the training ground for Rito warriors. It was constructed at Revali's request inside a deep, donut-shaped canyon. Powerful updrafts from the canyon floor are always blowing and are strong enough that even a Hylian with a paraglider can fly with ease there. Rito warriors use these updrafts to practice their marksmanship with a bow while flying. The greatest warrior of the current generation, Teba, uses the Flight Range to train his son, Tulin."

Creating a Champion, page 313
Flight Range
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Key Characters

Breath of the Wild
Tears of the Kingdom

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The Flight Range is a location in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

As part of the quest to recover the Divine Beast Vah Medoh, Link must seek out Teba at the Flight Range and demonstrate his archery skills for the Rito warrior to be able to access the dungeon inside.

In The Champions' Ballad DLC, the Noe Rajee Shrine can be found at the bottom of the Flight Range if Link manages to hit the four new targets at once.

Nearby Korok Seeds

Fairy lights on top of the hut.

Climb to the top and examine the fairy lights.

Tears of the Kingdom

Kaneli resides at the Flight Range, leaving Teba to manage Rito Village. The former area of target practice used by Link and Teba in Breath of the Wild has since been damaged due to the weather. Until the blizzard is resolved, Kaneli simply spends his time preventing the Flight Range from being buried in snow.