Queen Rutela

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Queen Rutela







Ruler of the Zora




Prince Ralis (son)
King Zora (deceased husband)

Queen Rutela is a character from Twilight Princess.

Twilight Princess

Rutela is never seen alive; only in a ghost state. During her life, she was the ruler of the Zora tribe, taking over after her husband, King Zora, died.[1] However, during Zant's invasion of Hyrule, he sent Shadow Beasts to Zora's Domain, where they executed Queen Rutela in front of all the Zora.[2] While this happens simultaneously with Link being put in prison at the beginning of the game, it is not seen.

After Link melts the ice that covers Zora's Domain using the giant rock from Death Mountain, the ghost of Queen Rutela stops Link before he can leave.[3] She thanks Link for saving her people,[4] and then continues to more pressing matters. She asks Link to help her son, Prince Ralis, who she fears is in danger.[5][6] She promises Link the ability to swim and breathe in very deep water, like a Zora.[7] However, at the current moment, Link is stuck in his wolf form. Midna points out that it would not be best to meet the prince as a wolf.[8] With that, Link continues on his immediate quest of collecting the Tears of Light.

Once the light has been restored to the Lanayru Province, Link can travel to Telma's Bar, where the injured Prince Ralis lies, being taken care of by the memory-less Ilia. Now in his Hylian form, Link can rescue Ralis and bring him to Kakariko Village, where Renado, the shaman of the village,[9] can attend to him. Once Ralis is safely in the Elde Inn, Queen Rutela presents herself to Link, and leads him to the back of the Graveyard, to a secret chamber. Inside this chamber lies the grave of the deceased King Zora. She thanks Link, telling him she is very grateful.[10] She gives Link the Zora Armor, which allows Link to breathe and swim underwater, but makes him more vulnerable to ice and fire attacks.[11] Queen Rutela is never heard from again. However, she is seen during the ending credits, watching over her son as he begins his reign as the Ruler of the Zora.




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