Ice Keese Wing

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Ice Keese Wing
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Defeating Ice Keese


6 Rupees
6 Mon


Enhancing Armor
Making Elixirs


"A rare Ice Keese wing. Its frozen surface gleams attractively, but its usefulness isn't readily apparent."

— In-Game Description


The Ice Keese Wing is a material found in Breath of the Wild. They can be obtained after defeating an Ice Keese. Ice Keese are located exclusively in colder climates, primarily in the Hebra Mountains and Gerudo Highlands. They are also found near local peaks, including the areas surrounding Mount Hylia and Mount Lanayru. Ice Keese Wings can also be traded with Kilton, in his shop, the Fang and Bone, for 6 Mon each.


Like other monster parts, Ice Keese Wings can be cooked with Bugs, Frogs, or Lizards, to create Elixirs. The Ice Keese Wing doesn't add anything of substance while cooking, but is required to make the Elixir. If Link adds an Ice Keese Wing to a dish with regular food, or if Link exclusively cooks monsters parts, this will result in Link making Dubious Food.


This material can be used to enhance Link's Armor in the game. In particular, Ice Keese Wings are used to enhance the Desert Voe Set and the Climbing Set.

The Level 2 upgrades of the Desert Voe Headband, Desert Voe Spaulder, and Desert Voe Trousers each require three Ice Keese Wings, along with five White Chuchu Jelly. The Level 3 upgrades of these items require eight Ice Keese Wings, along with three Icy Lizalfos Tails.

The Level 3 upgrades of the Climbing Gear, Climbing Boots, and Climber's Bandanna all require five Ice Keese Wings, along with ten Hot-Footed Frogs.