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Flute Boy (Coworker)
Lorulean Bard (Lorulean counterpart)

In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
France Française Troubadour
Spain Español Bardo
Germany Deutsch Barde
Italy Italiana Bardo

The Bard is a character who appears in A Link Between Worlds. He works with the Flute Boy in the Milk Bar by playing songs on his guitar-like instrument for 10 Rupees.[1] He argues later into the game that music is a good way to find relief from the news that many people around Hyrule have been kidnapped.[2] When Link pays for a song, the Bard thanks him and asks the Flute Boy if he is ready, and then begins playing one of the songs from the game.[3] If Link does not have enough money, however, he apologizes and says that he and the Flute Boy have to eat as well and cannot give free songs.[4]

Whenever Link attempts to speak to the Flute Boy, the Bard is quick to jump in and explain that his coworker does not speak, and asks Link to leave him alone.[5] He continues to repeat that the Flute Boy does not like strangers if Link tries to bother him again.[6]


The Bard and Flute Boy play several songs from A Link Between Worlds. While the Flute Boy usually plays the melody, the Bard accompanies him on his guitar. More songs become available as Link progresses through the game. Only Fairy Fountain, Main Theme, Zelda's Theme, Kakariko Village, Ravio's Theme, Item Received, and Key Item Received can be heard from the beginning of the game on a normal file. In Hero Mode, three more songs become available, including Ballad of the Goddess from Skyward Sword.


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