Link- He came to holodrum and Labryna and needs to destroy the two evils there. He finds out later that this is just a part of a bigger plan.
Zelda- She makes her appearance in the second quest in the linked version. Zelda is the hope for the people and if she is gone, the hope of the people is gone and one of the three torches would be lit.
Ganon- He is the evil that is going to be resurrected by Twinrova once the three torches are lit. Once he is resurrected though, he goes insane and cannot control his body.
Twinrova- The two witches that have their master plan of lighting the three torches and reviving the evil king Ganon. In the end, they sacrafice themselves to bring Ganon back to life.
Maple- The witch that makes appearances on three different objects, a broom, vaccum, and a flying saucer. She can be quite helpful when it comes to potions.
Impa- She comes to meet Princess Zelda, but ends up giving you a sword in Oracle of Ages. She is used by Veran to get past the barrier to the Oracle of Ages, Nayru.
Syrup- The witch that just sits by her cauldrun and makes potions. She helps you save King Zora in Oracle of Ages.
Veran- She plays the villain in Oracle of Ages and takes control of three people throughout the game. She also has many forms that she can battle in.
Onox- The main evil in Oracle of Seasons. He kidnaps the Oracle of Seasons, Din and Link must save her. He has two different forms.
Nayru- She is the Oracle of Ages and is the key to passing through time. Veran takes over her body and visits the past to build the Black Tower and rule over the world.
Din- The Oracle of Seasons is kidnapped by Onox the General of Darkness and is trapped in his castle. After this happening, the Season's towers come up in Subrosia and Link must get all for seasons in the Rod of Seasons to save Din.
Queen Ambi- The queen that is taken over by Veran later in the game and gives Link bombs for mystery seeds. She is the one that first wanted the Black Tower.
Bipin and Blossom- The two married people that ask you to name their baby.
Dimitri- The alligator like creature that helps you by getting you across the water in a town and from Tokey Island to the mainland.
Farore- She is the Oracle of Secrets who takes your passwords in the linked game and keeps a journal of your quest.
Maku Tree- The tree that gives you the seed satchel in return for helping her in the past.
Moosh- The big blob guy that has wings and can fly for a short amount of time. It cannot swim though.
Pirates- Skeletons who help you by giving you the Tokey Eyeball in Ages.
Ralph- He protects Nayru in the game and acts like a jerk all the time. Even though he is like that, he does give some small clues to help you.
Ricky- A kangaru that gives you a ride around in Oracle of Seasons and Ages because you dn't have the Roc's Feather yet. He can also jump up cliffs.
Shopkeeper- You buy your shield from him and once you get the Member Card in Seasons, you can go and buy more valubale things. Once you get the currents song in Ages, you can also buy more valubale items.
Vasu- He appraises your rings for twenty rupees and gives you your first ring box along with the friendship ring, which is useless.