Young Woman (Lorule)

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Young Woman







Young Woman (Hyrulean counterpart)

The Young Woman is a character from A Link Between Worlds. She is the Lorulean counterpart of the Young Woman in Hyrule. She can be found holding a basket of Cucco eggs in a corner of the Milk Bar in Thieves' Town. When Link talks to the Young Woman, she pities the Cuccos in the town and explains that their coop got destroyed.[1] The only thing that remained from the wreckage of their coops were the eggs which the Young Woman has collected and makes sure nothing happens to them.[2]



  1. "Poor little Cuccos. Their coop got all smashed up." — Young Woman, A Link Between Worlds
  2. "All that's left is these eggs... Don't worry little eggies, I'll make sure nothing happens to you." — Young Woman, A Link Between Worlds