Bee Guy

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Bee Guy
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The Bee Guy is a character located in Kakariko Village in A Link Between Worlds. His house is easily recognizable as it has a large image of a Bee over the front door. As one can assume by his name, the Bee Guy is fascinated by bees, going as far as dressing like one. He is not involved in the main quest at all. His Lorulean counterpart is the Devilish Girl.

If Link visits him before he has acquired a Bottle, the Bee Guy does not give Link anything, making the trip useless. However, once Link has acquired a bottle, he offers Link the Net, asking Link to try to capture a bee for him. If Link brings him a bee, he is compensated with 50 Rupees. Furthermore, he then asks Link to try and get a Golden Bee for him. If Link does so, he is handsomely rewarded with the Bee Badge, an item that makes bees friendly, the first time and a Gold Rupee thereafter.