Pocket Cucco

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Pocket Cucco
Pocket Cucco - OOT64 Get Item model.png



Obtained from

Hatches from Pocket Egg


Wake Talon
Trade to Cucco Lady for Cojiro


The Pocket Cucco is the second item in the Ocarina of Time trading sequence.

Ocarina of Time

The Pocket Cucco is obtained after the Pocket Egg hatches and is traded for Cojiro. The Pocket Cucco is a unique type of Cucco developed by the Cucco Lady that does not give her goosebumps from her allergies.[1] It becomes happy by waking up lazy people.

First, Link must obtain the Pocket Egg from the Cucco Lady. The egg hatches overnight, so he must either go into an area where time flows normally and wait a whole day, or play the Sun's Song.[2] After hatching, the Pocket Egg becomes a Pocket Cucco. The next step is to head into the large public house (its entrance is right in front of the Kakariko Village entrance). Link finds Talon sleeping on a bed there. Taking out the Pocket Cucco will make the cucco crow, waking up Talon,[3] who is worried about Malon[4]. If Link has already acquired Epona, he rushes off to his ranch[5]. Link can then bring the Pocket Cucco back to the Cucco Lady, who comments on him being especially happy.[6] Seeing this success, she asks Link to take care of Cojiro, her brother's Cucco who no longer crows.[7]



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