Minister Potho

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Minister Potho








Minister Potho is a character in The Minish Cap. He is the minister of Hyrule Castle and the protector of Princess Zelda.

The Minish Cap

When the Picori Festival is held in Hyrule Town, Link delivers the Smith's Sword to Minister Potho which was forged by Master Smith for the sword-fighting tournament. During the award ceremony, Minister Potho presents the Picori Blade to Vaati because of his victory in the sword-fighting tournament. When Vaati attempts to open up the Bound Chest, he breaks the Picori Blade, turns Zelda into stone, and searches inside the chest for the Light Force, but finds nothing inside. He then vanishes to search for the Light Force. Minister Potho discusses with King Daltus, Master Smith and Link in the throne room after the incident. They decide that Link sets out on a journey in order to recover Zelda and re-forge a new sacred blade.