Large Zonai Charge

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Large Zonai Charge
Large Zonai Charge - TotK icon.png
Icon from Tears of the Kingdom





Green-rupee.png 10


Soldier Construct IV: 10% drop chance
Captain Construct III: 15% drop chance
Captain Construct IV: 25% drop chance
Flux Construct II: 20% drop chance
Flux Construct III: 60% drop chance

Obtained from


Used by

Constructs (power source)

Dye Color




"A large Zonai charge found near ruins. It seems as though it's bursting with energy because of the strangely powerful light coming from it."

Tears of the Kingdom in-game description

A Large Zonai Charge is a material found in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

They can be used to power Zonai Devices, fully refilling all Energy Cells and allowing the device to function while using no energy at all for a short period of time, effectively the length of 3 Energy Wells for each Large Charge used. They can also be inserted into Zonai Dispensers, where they will yield the largest possible amount of dispensed Zonai Capsules possible in a single cycle if a maximum of five are inserted. They are also a necessary item needed for upgrading several Armor sets; the Ember Set, Frostbite Set, and Charged Set.

Large Zonai Charges are dropped from Captain Construct IVs and Flux Construct IIIs upon defeat. They can also be found in chests across the Hyrule surface, on Sky Islands, in Shrines of Light, and given as rewards for beating the previous Dive Ceremony records at Bravery Island, Courage Island and Valor Island. In the Depths, they are sold by Forge Constructs in exchange for 1 piece of Large Zonaite each, with a Forge Construct being located at each of the Abandoned Mines directly parellel to major settlements on Hyrule's surface. A maximum of five can be bought from each Forge Construct at a time.