Northern Fairy Island

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Northern Fairy Island



Treasure Chart #22
Wallet Upgrade


The Northern Fairy Island is an island from The Wind Waker.

Northern Fairy Island is located two squares east of the Forsaken Fortress in the Great Sea. This is the only Fairy Island that does not have any obstacle blocking Link's way to enter the fairy's fountain. The Great Fairy inside this island will upgrade Link's wallet to 1000 Rupees. If Link has already gotten the upgrade from the Great Fairy on Outset Island, then this fairy will upgrade his wallet to be able to hold 5000 Rupees.


Located Northwest of Northern Fairy Island is a Submarine. Defeat the four Moblins, then swing across the ropes to get to the chest containing Treasure Chart #22.

Blue ChuChu

There is a Blue ChuChu on this island. It is found near the eastern palm tree.